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On 7/25/2018 at 3:09 PM, NecroMancer said:

I wish we could have seen your steps on painting the skin and hair! 


I am really impressed by what you have so far!


Unfortunately when I get in the groove, I forget to take pictures and it would be hard to lay down steps for the skin as I constantly work back and forth between colors. 


Fortunately though, I restarted the hair so I will try to record the steps. I started with a full basecoat of Blackened Brown then a rough coat of Earth Brown on the strands. I ended for now with a similar layer of Chestnut Gold and up next I will start roughing in directional highlights. 


Oh, I also finished the leather and eyes.





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Hair is done. Smoothed out the previous steps and fine tuned the highlights and shading. Lots of back and forth layering and glazing. Colors used from dark to light: Blackened Brown, Earth Brown, Chestnut Gold, Palomino Gold, Buckskin Pale, Golden Blonde, and Linen White.




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10 hours ago, giyomuSan said:

pure awesomeness, skin tone / lighting are damn nice !


5 hours ago, SisterMaryNapalm said:

Quite impressive! Thanks for sharing




After looking at the pictures, I might do some more work on the hair as the highlights are not really showing up. But it also looks like my lights might be washing it out so it may just be the pictures. 

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Alright did some adjustments on the hair. Mainly increasing the highlights on the “light” side as well as adding a bit more Palomino Gold to make it slightly more yellow. Then I worked on toning the “dark” side down with some glazes of Blackend Brown. I think that help define the lighting situation, still not perfect but better than it was. I also started basing the metallics using various mixtures of Pure Black and Aged Pewter.


Also I adjusted my lights for these photos and they are pretty close to what he looks like in hand.




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