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Reaper League Fantasy Football 2018


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Hey, everybody! Long time no post. 


The Reaper League of Fantasy Football is looking for some new blood. We have 3 open slots and maybe 1 more in our 10-team ESPN League. If anyone is interested, post a reply and we'll take the first 3 (or 4) that want in.


We play in a Keeper League format so you'll be inheriting a team from which you will keep 4 players. We have a limit of being able to keep a player 3 times (so they are on your team for up to 4 years) that I track. Available teams are first come, first served so the first to respond will get to choose from all available and on down the line. The Draft is a worst to first snake draft based on last years final standings.


Anyone that wants more info can message me through here or email me (Stefan Yates) at [email protected].


Also, FYI, this league has been running since 2005 and we'd hate to see it go away. Need some new Reaper peeps. 

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Ok sorry guys I have been taking a look at my time available and I am going to have to step down at least for this year.  Sorry my daughter's medical care takes up so much of my time I really can't guarantee I would even remember to play week to week.  Sorry it really has been a great league, I just have to act as a Pancreas for my daughter every day.

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