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1 minute ago, Othikent said:

Gotta love a good mimic!

Be sure to pet him and feed him well, then he will stay in your treasure room adding protection that just cant be bought, not to mention an excellent way of body disposal. 


Can be hard on the staff if they have sticky fingers though...


Nice job on both sides of the coin.  Is she coming to a gaming party in the near future?

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3 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

Nice job on both sides of the coin.  Is she coming to a gaming party in the near future?


Thanks, and yes it is!  I've been running 5th Ed D&D games for my wife and her friend for a few months now.  My wife has been playing for about 2 years, and her friend is brand new. I came to realize that neither of them had experienced some of the classic D&D tropes yet, so I wrote up a Super Dungeon for them to crawl through.  It's an abandoned mine filled with monsters, puzzles, riddles, and traps.  The Mimic was the first monster that came to mind!  I actually painted this one in secret so I wouldn't give anything away!  I still remember the first time I can face to face with one of those nasties (I still double check every treasure chest and get a little nervous around iron doors!) and I'm hoping this adventure will create some similar memories for the newer players.  Hopefully we get to play it soon, but like all D&D games the hardest part is finding a free day that works for everyone!

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