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What's ink extender for?

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Normally I don't muck around with inks too much, after a nasty experience with an ink bottle that didn't close properly, resulting in a green leakage all over my hand. However, I'm thinking about giving them another try. So I see this ink extender in the online store, and I'm curious:


What is it's purpose?

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I've never used ink extender in my inks, I just use my regular thinner that I use for paints aswell.

I imagine it wouldbe to extend the drying time, that is what paint extender is used for. I can't really imagine that you would need to slow the drying time of ink shtough, they are slow enough to dry completly as it is!

Other than that I don't have a clue sorry!

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It's the same medium as is in the inks, and can be used to thin them without reducing their coverage. I think.


I've used it as a thinning agent for normal paints, and it seems to work, though it gets gummy near the end, and ends up looking like yogurt.


And I accidentally swapped caps with my flesh ink and ink extender, so my extender is cloudy brown. I'm a little annoyed at that.

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