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Goblin squad (pic heavy) - finished

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Hello everyone.


As I recently finished an orc squad, I’m now focusing on a goblin one. I’d like to share my progress with you.


These will be used for tabletop gaming, in DnD campaigns I recently started DMing.


They’re all reaper minis. On these pictures I had just removed the mold lines, glued the separate parts and put the priming on :

- 03850: Armored Goblin Spearmen (2) (the smallest one)



- 03462: Goblin Warriors (4)




- 03777: Cave Goblin Archers (2)



- 03838: Sakarat, Goblin Wizard



There are a few other ones for which I didn’t take pictures at the beginning.


I didn’t want to make them green, so I was going for a yellowish orange for their skin... But as I was wandering through all the paints at my local GW, I stumbled on that “Squig Orange” and decided that was the one.


So now they’re almost red :



And here are the others that I didn’t think about photographing at the beginning :

- 2 copies of 07003: Dungeon Dwellers: Bloodbite Goblins (2)



- 14095: Neek, Reven Sergeant



These last two already got some spare paint from other minis painting.

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48 minutes ago, Shpam said:

I didn’t want to make them green, so I was going for a yellowish orange for their skin... But as I was wandering through all the paints at my local GW, I stumbled on that “Squig Orange” and decided that was the one.


An excellent choice!  Team Tangerine approves of this, which will net you a great batch of the very finest minions that low pay and poor gruel can buy.  We may not be very bright, or competent, or loyal, but we can take a heap of abuse and are easily replaced! 

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Thanks all!


I put some work on the base colors. To choose them, I thought about where these guys come from in my fantasy world.

They originate in a small mountain that is stuck between a desert and a peat cog.

So for the colors, I chose some tan for the desert animal fur (camels, fennec foxes, ibex goats). For the leather and wood, brown will do. They would have limited access to any dye, except eventually to peat from the cog, so that makes a dark grey color.

As they will be used for tabletop gaming, I also need an easy way to distinguish them.  So I

thought about giving them different hood colors. A trade route goes through the cog, so they can probably loot some colored fabric from time to time.

I haven’t put the brown on yet, but here’s my progress:




Same principle with these guys :



Wizard and squad leader:




And not much work on that one either, as I didn’t do the metallic paint yet:



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Changed some badly taken pictures
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Some more work on these guys. Base coats are all done, I think I managed to make them all have a similar “flavor” with the orange, tan, grey and brown.


First, the cannon fodder (no pictures of the green one’s back as he’s got no pants on):



Then the approximate archers:




The ones that mean serious business:




The one that actually knows how to fight:




The annoying one who managed to learn a spell:



And the happy squad leader:




Now that the base colors are on, it’s time to give them some individual attention. I don’t know yet which one will be first. More to come. ^_^

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1 hour ago, lowlylowlycook said:

You are kind of tempting me to get the guy with the two swords...




I really like him, very cool sculpt with a lot of personality.

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The Goblin Lads are LOOKIN' GOOD. Just one little critique: shield are not made of metal. Only the boss & edges would be metal.

The shield itself is normally a non-splintering wood like alder, or linden...it gives you a chance for some color.

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Well done indeed! Convenient color coding, and they look that proper mixture of wretched, desperate, hungry, and vicious you want in gobboes. Keep us posted! 

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Holidays are over so I’m back to work on these guys. Very little progress for now, I took Malefactus’ advice and gave the shields some color.




I’ll try to add some drawing on the right one’s shield.

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On 8/5/2018 at 5:40 AM, buglips*the*goblin said:


Ah.  A freedom fighter. 


Very noble! 


Yah finding out he doesn't have pant while your painting is a bit of a surprise too. :blink:

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