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After my crushing failure in July I will repeat and maybe even downsize my goals.


  • Paint La Charra Bust ( maybe finish her)
  • Finish Welcome to the Jungle Terrain.
  • Finish Xolotl ( Lost World Armadillo Man) Finished!
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same meager goals as last month:(

Try to airbrush prime my mini's with stynlrez.

Try to paint at least ONE mini from primed selection above.


July was rough, but with house almost back in order and the oldest back in school (yah!) and me NOT back in school (taking fall semester off), I may get something done!

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This month I have some more challenging goals in mind

  1. Paint the figure of Zoe from my Firefly Adventures game
  2. Paint a Dragon bust for my sister
  3. Paint another Bear's Head figure
  4. Paint a mini for the competition at Reapercon
  5. Paint a mini for a local competition in NM
  6. Paint this month's Mithril miniature



My 2018 hobby goals include:

  • Running a Dark Conspiracy RPG for my gaming group
  • Running a Frostgrave/Ghost Arch game at Reapercon in September
  • Painting the 10 miniatures from the hasslefree kickstarter
  • Painting the 6 miniatures from the Going Native kickstarter
  • Painting the 5 miniatures from the Bear's Head kickstarter (on track with two)
  • Continue painting the Monthly Mithril Miniatures (On track with seven)
  • Reduce and limit the WIP box (formerly the shelf o' shame) to 6 figures. It currently sits at  >12
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Paint anything. Have been working lots and just haven't been motivated about my minis. Last year was a record breaking good one for me making and painting things. I've only painted a couple hours max since March this year. Starting to want to work on a few things while it's warm out. Winter is coming and all that. 

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Seems to be a common theme this month, probably due to the sheer heat a lot of us have had to deal with.... 


I'll still pick three to work on and hopefully they will be completed ^_^

- Finish sculpting work on Wyrmgear

- Finish up my Skaven Warlord

- Finish my Reaver of Kargir

- bonus goal: Continue work on, and hopefully finish Tanith! 


In addition, one other goal comes to mind... 

- Minions, assemble!  Err, I mean start getting my skirmishers into the bases I've made for them, as well as finish assembling my Nigh Runners...  Since I have bases for pretty much all of them

- bonus goal: Prepare bases for my clan rats and/or plague rats, since I have 100 bases coming in the mail at some point! (probably Monday, unless I get really lucky) 

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This month is going to be super busy so I'll keep it short...maybe. Here is a picture of all my to do and current WIP minis (was going to color code them then pulled out the pens and immediately forgot about that...) Spoilered because picture looks kinda big to me:




Stages of Completion:

  1. Marth is currently my number one WIP it is due by August 19th if I want to enter this contest (I really, really do.)
  2. Frost Giant Queen is in flux as to when it is do since it will be a giveaway on IG once I hit 1K followers (which is creeping up on me.)
  3. Beastman...I should do him today because he is needed tomorrow (8/5/18).
  4. Ma'al is currently a WIP. Probably won't need him until 2020 now depending on tomorrow's conversation at Husband's D&D game goes.
  5. Mini Ma'al is also WIP. Currently anticipating needing it by Christmas.
  6. Brand is a WIP. Only needs a little more to go but might not need him for a while.
  7. Kassandra of the Blade I have not started. Need her by September 10th, maybe?
  8. SoB Wave 2... I've painted 2 of the roughly 140 minis there are. I hope to cut this down a lot during Minivember.
  9. Isabeau Laroche. Have not started, no needed date as she's just a fun project.
  10. Shub-Niggurath. Haven't started yet but feel I may need it sooner than expected.


So for AUGUST:

  • Finish Marth
  • Paint Beastman
  • Start FrGQ
  • Go on Vacation
  • Have fun on Vacation
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August goals:

  • Strip and repaint two ice dragon hatchlings (in process)
  • Finish at least one more dragon on my paint table (there are 5 currently in various stages of completion)
  • Most importantly, continue working on my 35 miniatures commission.  It is being done in stages, one team at a time.  First 5 are finished, next 4 are primed and ready for paint.
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On 8/1/2018 at 9:43 PM, Evilhalfling said:

Last month before the Con - 

Kingdom Death Phoenix

spooky tree 

finish bones diorama 

Fire Giant Jailer 

2 dwarfs



a concept for exchange, purchase if necessary



The big bird will be done when I pack it.  It is relatively done now, but if I can make it better I will. 

the Giant jailer was a pipe dream, but I may bring him to the con as a practice piece. 


finished a bones3 dwarf, started the second one. 

8 days till con. 

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On 8/1/2018 at 10:41 PM, Generic Fighter said:

So, My Goals for August...


--Complete Persona 5

--Start Nativity Set for Family Friend

--Find and finish painting 2 Scarlet Brotherhood Monk D&D Minis

--Complete Spring Exchange Minis

--Beat a Classic RPG Video Game I have yet to beat


Already finished a Goal!





Olde Stuff

--Next VPRG I'm starting is likely Dragon Quest 11.

--Gonna start Nativity Set soon.

--Can't find the $#@@ Monks.

--Spring Exchange Minis are also in que for soon.

--Thinking about getting Translated Repro Cart of Secret of Mana 2 or a Shin Megumi Tensei SNES Game for next of these.


New Stuff

--Starting a Catlady Mini for a friend

--deciding on BoGW Group Paint Mini options.



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