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I wasn't aware that the Xbox games wouldn't be ported to the PC, and I know some have gone the other way.... turnabout is fair play... isn't it? :o)


As far as the console vs PC debate, I am looking to pick up an Xbox because some of the hastle I've had with my PC over the last year or two with games wasn't worth the effort, and since they're on the Xbox now I'm laughing :o)


I've played several games online, and yes you do get some complete twats but most of them are okay once you get past the lack of social skills - an all too common occurence nowadays :o(


I should point out that most of the people I knew from an online game got me into BattleTech and then when FASA folded (after the party) I got into CAV. So not only has online gaming given me hours of fun and some interesting experiences but it's also opened doors to some interesting things which I like about my life... I'd never have gotten into 40k if I weren't needing paint on a monthly basis for CAV's and Mechs and I'd have not met my current circle of friends.


And there's a few people here I include in that... some of the guys I met at Origins and have met on the Mil-Net and SCL forums have become close friends, people whom I care about on a personal level as well as gaming level.


Another thing I like about the Xbox is that as soon as I get it I will be able to play multiplayer games.... some of my friends have Xboxes as well and several TV's (3 rooms, 3 Xboxes, one game - three days :o)) and also I can use my ADSL with it thanks to my switch/DSL interface box thing I've got.


There are some things the PC can do better, and there's some things the Xbox can do better. So while I'm not thrilled about buying a console, I will be because it'll be a lot of fun. And one key bonus - I won't have to shut down Outlook and ICQ when I play games :o)

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