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Hi guys, so just because I love touching everything haha and to cut a bit form painting ( though almost finish with the reaper beast champion paint :)...)..I started to mess with clay stuff ..quite fun actually haha.


I have no idea how this will end up anyway and that's ok for me to fail , that's just for practice and such and get a feel for it.

I started trying to do some kind of carnivore plant things ( also looking at a thread here  for a step octopus like sculpt so just trying to avoid the "anatomy" things for now..)


I may have some trouble with lower jaw..did nothing to support it but hmm will see xD..


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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

This might sound odd, but if you use an empty pistachio nutshell you have a mouth, just sculpt some teeth in there and attach it to this.

haha good tip ! well I work out the mouth shape part already ( up some photo later )..I will remember that one :D

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Worked a bit more on this things..



I am not sure if i should do a first bake of this , so smooth what i have a bit and refine a bit , bake and add over that ? or I am better to keep on like that ?


I would like add some tentacle , i think i will have to refix some wire for this, I mark some spot..that’s the small hole i did.



Thanks, I am using sculpey firm for this, i added as seen on some video a small layer of procreate on the wore first then cover with sculpey.

I am in testing mode so I also order small size of medium and beige sculpey...maybe for this sculpt something more soft would have been easier ..well will see :)

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A little critique though.  Right now, your teeth look cut in.  You wan to take a tool and work the edges of each tooth, rounding them and smoothing them. Also cut in a gum socket where they meet the gums. Don't think in the terms of all the teeth, but in terms of sculpting each tooth, and making it as real as possible.

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Hey, really cool sculpt idea! I typically work with Fimo professional and Premo for my sculpts so I can help with baking questions. 

There's a couple of things to keep in mind for baking. 

1: Don't bake drastically uneven clay thicknesses. What I mean by this is to avoid baking a sculpt that has a quarter inch thick wet clay at the top and an overall layer of thin touch ups. You'll get an uneven bake which will lead to cracks and problems with later layers.

2: You can definitely do several bakes of "under" layers. Building up shapes and forms and giving yourself a solid structure to layer wet clay on top of. Then layer your final details over certain areas and bake as you are happy with them. I avoid baking anything that will show in the final that i'm not happy with.  (If it won't show then no worries)

3: If you're not sure whether something will show or if you'll have enough room to create the depth you want after baking, chop it off, bake, then add it back in. It's way easier then trying to file or cut it away after it's hard.

I hope that helps and makes sense. If you have any questions I'm happy to help! I look forward to seeing this one come together!

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Thanks for the feedback, I agree that those teeth would be in main focus so i'll try to get those nice as I can :D.


@Rainbow Sculptor

Hi, and thanks for the notes about baking , very informative, I will have to keep that in mind for next time during the process. That one being a first try to get something done so well If I messing up with it I will be ok :)

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Update tome..so I decided to start fresh and this time build me a better underneath base to build on top.

So using magic sculp to get my shape, here is what i got for now...



I added the head shape rougly and going let it dry.

However for the next step either I keep going using magic sculp or add the super sculptey firm on top ..the things is using the clay in thin layer over the dry putty, is this going to be ok regarding the bonding ? when i see the process of using underlayer of putty the clay , it seem that the point is to add the clay ober the still fresh putty so it act as cement ..but thinking about that , if you do one layer then bake a add up on top you also add over dried clay so..?


the clay i have right is not sticky at all by the way.


well any hint on this is welcome :) 



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I haven't used magic sculpt specifically but I'm assuming it works like the other two part epoxies in which case you're good to layer on top of dried stuff and bake. The sculpey form I've found to be a bit grainy so you might have trouble with it adhering well as you layer. You can take some sandpaper and rough up any areas that you might need more grip.

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So I got my mouth shape , back using sculpey.., actually i received small bunch of medium, beige and original haha, medium seem more easy to work with. Anyway for the mouth actually it is still the firm one.



Now I am a bit stuck on how get the teeth done in an efficient way..should make them one by one , using wire to hold shape to put clay on or is there better approach in my case ?

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