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Identify The Critter


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I need some help identifying this skull.

Bitey.jpg.f4a217c478fd38884c59607e59208552.jpg Seriously, what kind of critter WAS this thing?

The skull is not real; it seems to be a resin cast, and as far as I can tell, it is not representative of anything that ever actually walked the earth. Judging from the smaller teeth, I'm guessing the master was sculpted from scratch by someone with only a tenuous grasp on what animal skulls, much less their teeth, are supposed to look like. The final puzzle piece: I got it at Hobby Lobby in the Mens Decor section; ten bucks.

I reiterate the question: If a visitor to my home steps into the trophy room with me for brandy and cigars... and sees THAT thing... and asks what it IS... 

...what should I reply? Answers need not be serious, but bonus points for cleverness.


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It's a Late Mesozoic Era Fang Toothed Walamungas.

The large fangs are actually digging tools to allow it to get to the Giant Grubs and Beetles that comprise the bulk of its diet.

It's range was what is now Upper Outer Mongolia and into Siberia.  Due to the relative unexplored nature of the modern area that was its normal range specimen are rare with no complete skeletons having been unearthed.


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