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77007 Ghost WIP

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So after trying out a verdigris  effect on the bronze shield of a Skeletal Swordsman I thought that the mixture would also work well for a ghostly figure minus the isopropyl alcohol.

enter 77007 Ghost mini.

Mixture: 1 drop naga green, 2 drops Dragon blue, 1 drop dragon white, 2 drops water.

If needing to speed paint I found that a light wash leaves enough of the white plastic showing and could negate having to go back with white highlights later. Here I just did a single base coat. Think I will do one more base coat and then move on to shade, though i'm not sure what i'll use to darken it as i think black might be too dark, mountain grey maybe? then i'll use some maggot white for highlights.

In hindsight i forgot to shave the mold lines in my hast to see how the mixture would look on the mini



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Went slightly subtle with the shade, thought don't now if i should go back and do some parts darker.

Mixture this time was:

1 drop naga green

2 drops Game color electric blue (used because it was brighter then the Dragon blue so i felt it kept more of the blue tones)

1 drop dark elf shadow

2 drops water


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Ghost has been on the back burner with me working on the LTP layer minis but now that they are done I got the highlights of Maggot White added and started to work on the tombstone. Looks more ghosty with the white added. where as with only the first hightlight it was more of a statue of liberty feel


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