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some CAV scenarios

Lord Pravage

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Hello all,

I have enclosed a few CAV scenarios that I have created and used in CAV (sans fluff when I can). If you want me to post more just say so. (Sorry about the formatting but I am feeling lazy). ^_^



Tournament #1 rules

1.) Each army shall be composed of a maximum of 1750 points split between a 1000-1150 point Main force and a 650-750 point recon detachment.

2.) Stock Units only. No modifications shall be allowed.

3.) Each army must take one Veteran Pilot and one Veteran WSO to lead each detachment. The Pilot and WSO may be named.

4.) No scenario rules shall be allowed

5.) Armies should be named and have one of the following affiliations:

a.) Malvernis

b.) Mercenary

c.) NADO

d.) Rach

e.) Ritterlich

f.) Templar

g.) Terrans


Round #1. Meeting the enemy



a.) Main force detachments are used

b.) Time limit: 6 turns

c.) All surviving units shall be used in Round #3. Surviving units do not get repaired between rounds

d.) Points calculation= # of opposing force destroyed


Round #2. Reinforcements arrive


e.) Recon force detachments are used

f.) Time limit: 6 rounds

g.) This round will be played in teams

h.) Units enter playing field on either X or A (depending on which side)

i.) Primary goal to exit out of corner marked Y for player A (player X exits on B)

j.) All units the exit will be usable for Round #3 (all other units are considered lost).

k.) Points are calculated by # of points of units that leave through B or Y.

l.) units are not repaired between rounds

<FYI, this is a real quick map)





Round #3 War of Attrition

Scenarios is as round #1 except:

Units used: All surviving units from rounds 1 and 2

Opponent is the same opponent as in round #1

Points are scored by point value of enemy units destroyed

Surviving units are eligible to continue to round #4

*note, units are not repaired between rounds


Round #4 War of Attrition <Continued>

As Round #3 except with the following special rule:

LOW AMMO: Each unit rolls 1d6 and adds 6 to the die roll . This number is the number of rounds left for all the weapons of the unit. Player decides how the remaining ammo is distributed. Units may choose not to use defensive fire to conserve ammo.

Please note that LaserBolt and PlasmaBolt guns have infinite ammo and therefore are not susceptible to the LOW AMMO special rule.

*note, units are not repaired between rounds.

Opponents are selected by closest point values of surviving units


Rounds continue until only one player has units available.




Two campaign honors are possible:

Battlemaster: The last player with any units available

Tactician: Player with highest point total


Please note that any player can only receive one victory. (i.e. the person that is eligible for both battlemaster and tactician will only receive battlemaster honors. The next player with the highest point total will be declared tactician)





This next one is kinda hard to realize what I was up to if I didn't put the fluff in also.



Our agents indicate that the D’Nari; an alien race coreward and upspin from 194-TYPHON have developed a super-virus that reportedly enhances the combat efficiency of regular troop soldiers. Intelligence now indicates that something has happened on the homeworld of the D’Nari and all communications from our operatives have ceased. Your mission is simple, drop down onto the planet, make your way to the research station(NAVPOINT GAMMA) and support the detachment of special forces assigned to you. The special forces will then penetrate the facility, extract any valuable information and will be escorted back to the dropship. Long range scans indicate that plasma venting has started on one of the nearby fusion reactors and that another force is enroute to the world as well; time is of the essence.


Scenario Rules:

1. Team game. Players shall be split into two separate teams

2. Full speed, Hitching a ride, and Hybrid flight campaign rules are used in this game

3. Limited turns: Turns are limited to 10 (after that, the team will not have enough time to escape the explosion of the fusion reactor)

4. Altered victory conditions: Whichever side escapes with the data shall be declared the victor

5. Added support: each side shall receive a hedgehog apc and 3 elite infantry bases which may be outfitted with whatever direct fire weapon deemed appropriate (these weapon upgrades can not exceed a total of100 points for all 3 infantry bases). This section may enter the playing field at any time but they must enter at the edge of the controlling team’s deployment zone.

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EEK! I always enforce the LDF. I am surprised nobody called me on that one. <whew> . Hmm I would be curious on how one would add privateers to a tournament. I mean, usually the main factions can be polarized into two groups but privateers/pirates they usually have their own agenda and I would want to formulate a scenario compensating for that fact. Hmmmmmm

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Ahh very simple, you need to have the Privateer pick a side, like the "Yachting Enthusiasts" of old would often work under a letter of Mark from a government allowing them to prey upon that governments enemies with no repercussion from the issuing government, in exchange they would not prey upon the host vessels.


Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton

Dallas Texas

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