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Gaslands Cars

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Fantastic.  Like I don't have enough projects tempting my time away.  :down:  Will just have to stick with my Fallout RPG setting.  Great work and lets see some more. :devil:

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A more radical mod than some of the previous ones...I call this one Maxim 43.











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This is a very nice variety! They look all supercool. Great weathering effects and good job at the freehands too. I stay tuned ::D: (I suppose more cars will come?)

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    • By Brianuk
      Bit of a kitbash here. The chap with the spear is from Alternative Armies. The others are a mix of Warlord orc heads (previously Wargames Factory) with two frostgrave arms and bodies,  one Oathmark goblin, and one Oathmark dwarf heavy infantryman.
      Have managed to get a really quick palette going for speed painting orcs. I prime them by brush with Vallejo dark grey primer, then use Scale 75 black metal for the armour, Vallejo hammered copper for decoration and metal details, dark red for cloth and dark brown for leather. The skin is Vallejo Model Colour Heavy Warm Grey. Then the whole model gets a black ink wash and I pick out teeth etc in light grey. These models took about 90 minutes altogether, ex drying time. 

    • By Gary Pryor
      I am running a D&D game with my friends using the new Ravnica setting. The world has a very unique look, and one of the player characters in our group is an steampunk/elephant-man/mad-scientist. I couldn't find any miniatures remotely resembling that, so I made my own out of a reaper Avatar of Strength and some warmachines loose pieces I got on ebay for cheap. I have never done any kitbashing or sculpting before (just made it up as I went along) but I feel it turned out pretty cool (even though I am pretty lousy painter). Couldn't wait to show it off a little here, even though the lighting is really bad in here at night for pictures.

      Painted with all the cheap Reaper HD I picked-up during the sale.

      Question, comments, feed-back appreciated.

    • By TGP
      Check out HW Car with ^ gun included..!
      Has Mattel® heard of what you guys are doing with their cars? 
      Gaslands Threads:
      If there is a thread I need to add to the list above, somebody drop me a line. 
    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      These began life as cheap dollar store children's toys but then fell prey to my love of post apocolyptic things.

      A 1934 Ford Hot Rod and a 1957 Corvette. Taking these apart was a much greater pain than I had anticipated, 

      I started with the Corvette, switching the rear tires from the Ford With it's front tires as they were a bit smaller and helps give both a cobbled together look.
      The patina was a base of Ebony Skin with Black, Oiled Leather, Highlight Orange, Stormy Grey all dabbed on with a piece of sponge. Final dirt is Steel Legion Drab applied the same way. It works, gives the impression of having been a black paintjob originally, which is helped by the light dabbing of Linen White on the sides. The screen inside was a pain in the elf to get glued in.I also drilled holes to show battle damage.

      A light touch of Honed Steel was used to pick out remaining chrome bits.

      I used the same colors on the Ford, except adding Linen White to the edges of the patina. This gave a much better effect. The wheels from the Chevy look much more convincing than the original on the back. More Linen White was added to the wheels for the whitewalls.

      During disassembly the back bottom broke off, so I added a bit of chain to cover the gap. The back window had small bits of a chopped up gift card glued inside as makeshift armor.

      Spots of the original orange are visible adding to the rust effect.

      The touch of white difference . Eventually I'm mount weapons on these, but as an experiment in realistic weathering they came out well. In the future though I'll not be taking apart the Maistos. 
    • By BananeDC
      Gaslands is a 2017 post apocalyptic combat minaiture vehicules game where you use hotwheels and matchbox toy cars. You buy your tem, add perks (bloodbowl style) and play a game (death race, arena, saturday night live, capture the flag and so on) . It functions as X-Wing does, with manoeuver templates.


      Here are my first conversions.

      Deathwish :
      Hotwheels Ford Mustang Stocker
      Mesh : World Forge Games
      Exhausts : StanJohansen miniatures
      Engine : Dice Mechanics
      Front wheels : autre hot wheels
      Front axle : paper clip
      Back wheels : wheels and axle vintage Lego 36946 (1980-1984)
      Heavy machine gun : S&S models
      Gunner : taliban S&S Models
      Driver and rear armor : Ramshackle Games
      Spikes : plasticard
      middle armor :  simple diamonds plasticard
      Gunner seat : from a german wwII bus model kit



      Gunshot :
      Hotwheels '83 Chevy Silverado
      Front wheels : from another hot wheels
      Back wheels : from another hot wheels
      front and back axles  : paper clips
      Heavy machine gun and gunner : S&S models
      Front armor : Ramshackle Games
      Windshield wipers : plastic rod evergreen 0,5 mm
      middle armor :  simple diamonds plasticard



      Instakill :
      Hotwheels Chevrolet '68 El Camino
      Mesh : E-bay
      Exhausts: Tube evergreen 2 mm
      Engine : original engine + Dice Mechanics air vent+ gas cylinder: Stan yohansen interceptor, hoses : computer stuff
      Front wheels : Monoblock
      Back wheels : : wheels and axle vintage Lego 36946 (1980-1984)
      back tyre : lego
      Minigun : Stan yohansen miniatures
      Pilot and crew : Ramshackle Games
      Back gropped weapon : Dice Mechanics
      Front ram : Stan yohansen miniatures
      Front skulls: Alternative armies





      Tombstone :
      Maiso Leadslinger
      Front and back wheels : wheels and axle vintage Lego 36946 (1980-1984)
      Trims : plasticard and plaster
      Back armor : Stan Yohansen Miniatures
      Back spikes : Toothpicks



      Explosator :
      Matchbox superfast 34 Vantastic
      Mesh : World Forge Games
      Front armor : Stan Yohansen miniatures
      Side armor : Ramshackle Games et carte plastique
      Engine: Dice Mechanics
      Excavator shovel and arms : Matchbox bulldozer
      Front wheels : autre hotwheels
      Back wheels : autre hotwheels
      Macjine gun: Ramshackle Games
      Gas cylinder : plaster from Hirst Arts mold #326
      Prison bars : plastic rod evergreen 1 mm
      Prisonnier arm : from german rider (Armourfast/Häat Zundapp german motorcycle WWII)



      T72 :
       Revell model kit T72 soviet tank
      Tank commander and gunner : Stan Johansen miniatures





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