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First stretch goal down! Steampunk setting supplement will be added to the rulebook :)


Next up we have the Pirate Setting Supplement at $12,000. We should be able to get that one unlocked soon.


We're also going to start doing a series of update posts on the campaign page that talk about how you can use the minis from a variety of different games to build gangs. First one will be tonight, with a small starter gang using Dungeon Saga minis.

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You can use them as equipment reference cards if you like, but the way it works is when you take someone out of action or capture an objective, you get to draw a loot card as a reward. Then your character can equip and use that item for the rest of the game, and/or save it for the end of the game where the item's rarity/level will add some extra victory points to your score. Even if your gang might have taken heavy casualties and it looks like you lost, if your surviving members happened to make off with some really good loot, you might actually win the game instead :)

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Right now we are about 5 backers away from the next stretch goal for the Pirate setting supplement :) Things are going really well. Hopefully in the next week or so we will also be able to get the Zombie stretch goal unlocked too!


We're trying to decide which settings we want to do next. Thinking about adjusting the later stretch goals to drop the loot cards and just keep adding new content and settings to the book, and then doing the loot cards as another project later on.

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5 hours ago, Gangfight said:

We're trying to decide which settings we want to do next. Thinking about adjusting the later stretch goals to drop the loot cards and just keep adding new content and settings to the book, and then doing the loot cards as another project later on.

Which option is more likely to cause project delays? 

IMO, adding new content and settings could be problematic later if they aren't properly play-tested.  And properly play testing could cause delays. 

OTOH, sourcing new artwork for the loot cards could be its own source of delays, as could the printing/packaging of them. 

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Adding new content shouldn't take so long, for the most part all of the weapons and skills are the same in each setting. Things just get renamed for fluff. There are a few unique things though, but the core rules won't change. We'll playtest of course, but I think it's safe to say that part shouldn't take as long as if we were to make a whole new game each time.


I think getting the artwork for the cards could take longer, but I think what we will probably do is add 1 more setting as a stretch goal, and keep the cards too, but we will offer them as print-on-demand cards through Wargame Vault. Also looking into doing smaller decks of maybe 20 or so cards, but with a specific theme. So fantasy games could have a potion deck, enchanted weapon deck, etc. You can mix up the decks you want for your game, or build special decks if you wanted to play a special scenario or encounter.

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Campaign just crossed the half way point, 2 weeks down, 2 weeks to go! As of right now we are just shy of our $15,000 stretch goal for the Zombie Apocalypse setting supplement.


We changed things up a bit with the stretch goals. We dropped the loot cards, and instead added in a Super Hero setting supplement at $19,000. If we hit that, we are considering adding another goal for a modern/near future supplement. The loot cards will still be produced, we are going to have them be released when the book is finished, as print-on-demand decks through Wargame Vault.


Hopefully later this week we'll be able to get the preview version of the sci fi setting supplement finished up :)

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