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Tentative Pathfinder and Starfinder Rounds


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This is the tentative list (subject to change) of rounds for both Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society.


9-10 Signs in Senghor 1-5

9-12 Shrine of the Sacred Tempest 1-5

9-20 Fury of the Final Blade 7-11

9-21 In the Grandmasters Name 3-7

10-01 Oathbreakers Die 1-5

10-02 Bones of Biting Ants 3-7

10-03 Death on the Ice 5-9



1-09 Live Exploration Extreme 1-4

1-10 The Half-Alive Streets 1-4

1-14 Star Sugar Heartlove 3-6

1-16 Dreaming of the Future 1-4


Pathfinder Playtest 2nd Edition

1-The Rose Street Revenge

2-Raiders of the Shrieking Peak


If you have any questions you can contact me.


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Top Posters In This Topic

For inquiring minds, who may want me as a GM (I hear I'm kinda awesome, but show up and judge for yourself), I am running:


Friday 10AM - 3PM: Signs in Singhor (Tier 1-5) Exchange faction

Friday 3PM - 7PM: Shrine of the Sacred Tempest (Tier 1-5) Silver Crusade Faction

Saturday 3PM - 7PM: 2E Playtest Rose Street Revenge (1st Level)

^^ this is the one playtest we have scheduled so far. So if you want to be sure to get some playtest in, sign up for this one.


- I've run all of these before, and they all have great bits I love playing up. So hold onto your butts, it's gonna be a fun time. 

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