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CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

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Greeting all! For today's update we are showing off another oldie but goodie, the Malvernian Butcher! Painted by Ross Hines, this model has been updated with new and improved detailing as well as adjusting any scale-issues to fit right into the current CAV: SO 10mm line. 

As an Attack based CAV, the Butcher is the perfect field superiority unit and is featured as a Core Set Reward!


Make sure to check out the model briefing put together by Todd Farnholtz below!







Model Briefing: Butcher

Manufacturer: Grundor House

Combat Role: Attack

Faction: Malvernis

Cost: 570 TV (662 TV for the ‘B’ Variant)



The Butcher is arguably the most well balanced of the Malvernis mainline CAVs making it a mainstay in many formations. Similar in load out, capability, and cost to other faction’s mainline superiority CAVS like the Terran Starhawk 6, Rach Dictator and ADON Challenger….plus it’s just really cool looking!


With a movement of 7 and armor rating of 7 as well as 9 damage tracks it can keep up with a swiftly moving battle and weather most incoming fire without too much worry. A Damage Control rating of 6 starting on the 2nd track combined with the Malvernian favored Rugged SA (allowing you to repair 2 damage tracks on a successful repair roll instead of just one) means the Butcher has some serious longevity. Rounding out the core stats is an average CCV rating of 4/4.

An Advanced Targeting Computer 1 allows for a +1 to combat rolls with a good sensor lock stacking with Wizzo (Weapons System Officer) granting an additional +1 means the Butcher can lay down some very accurate fire in the right formations. What really sets it apart from its cousins is the inclusion of the Shielded SA which allows it to ignore any nano-disassembler or Ion-disruptor attacks. A solid bonus if you face an opponent who utilizes these specialized weapons. The Butcher also comes in a ‘B’ variant which replaces 1 heavy rocket pod for 2 smaller pods allowing for a potential salvo when making indirect fire attacks at the cost of a significant increase in TV points. That being said if you find yourself with an extra 98TV to spend I think it’s worth it for the increased damage potential.





For offensive firepower the Butcher is well suited for mid-range engagements. It relies primarily on its paired Medium Magnetic Rotary Accelerator Cannons (MRACs), each with a Ranged Assault Value (RAV) of 6/3 giving it decent direct firepower. These rapid fire bullet hoses spray out rounds at an alarming rate, reflected by the SA Limited Ammo. On a critical fumble combat roll (snake eyes) a follow up 1D6 roll of 1 or 2 results in all ammo for these weapons being gone for the remainder of the game; and sadly the SA Ammo Bin was not included in the design so if you run out of ammo, that’s it. Pick your shots wisely.


Like most Malvernis designs the inclusion of a Rocket Launcher is pretty standard and in this case it’s a Heavy Rocket Launcher 10 with a RAV of 5/5 or in the case of the ‘B’ Variant a pair of Heavy Rocket Launcher 5’s with a RAV of 4/4. As mentioned before, if you have the spare TV, go with the B variant. If you have good target numbers against moderately armored targets fire each rack separately. If you want to be more conservative with your indirect attacks you can salvo fire; there is plenty of flexibility. The Rockets have a minimum range of 12 so don’t get too close to your target if you want to keep lobbing strike point rolls at them. The Rockets have the Weapon SA’s of SMART and AOE 1 allowing you to either effect a tightly grouped enemy or only the designated strike point but increase the RAV to 6/6 or a pair of 5/5s. These racks also have the Limited Ammo SA and No Ammo Bins so again, pick your shots wisely.

Finally, rounding out the firepower package is a Light Guided Missile with a RAV of 4/4. This weapons system is almost an afterthought and only really intended to be used if you already have a good target lock and are making a direct fire attack with your MRACs. It does have the SA Shock (4) which can potentially cause your target to enter the model state ‘Suppressed’ with a failed target point roll of 4 or less. This can be useful to halt an enemy’s advance but because of the low shock value don’t plan your tactics around this. This weapons system also has the ‘Ltd Ammo’ SA.



Special Abilities (SA’s):


-Rugged allows it to repair 2 points of damage on a successful repair role.

-Shielded allows attacks from nano-disassemblers or Ion-disruptors to be ignored.

-Advanced Targeting Computer 1 allows it to improve its Combat Role by +1 with an active target lock (whether its own or a member of the same sections with EST).

-WIZZO (Weapon Systems Officer) allowing it to gain a bonus +1 to any ranged attack rolls.



Suggested Tactics:


The Butcher is just as the name suggests, meant to charge in and saw through opponents with mech sized Gatling guns! For its cost and durability it makes a great core of an attack section and is versatile enough to pair well with most any other Malvernian units. It would do just as well as a body guard element of a fire support section lending its heavy rocket pods or the shaft of the spear supporting faster Assassins, Wight’s, and Wraiths in a striking attack. You just can’t go wrong with fielding at least 1 of these murder machines!

Below are some suggested unit formations to best utilize the Butcher:


In this section Butchers form the core of a mobile unit with a pair of speedy Wraiths providing screening and harassing duties. In the fire support section the Butcher performs body guard duties to the battery of Specters lending its own rockets and GMs to the fight!



Attack Section: 2496 TV

Butcher x2 1140 TV

Butcher B 662 TV

Wraith x2 694



Fire Support Section: 2502 TV

Butcher 570 TV

Specter B x4 1932



Force total: 4,998 TV!




Edited by CAVBOSS
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On 8/23/2018 at 12:56 PM, CAVBOSS said:


Im holding you to it! Glad you like the Haunt.

I will do everything in my power to meet your expectations!!



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1 hour ago, Original Timmy said:

Ive not read the whole thread so sorry if its been asked & answered etc.


Are these the mechs that were made in the Bones material or am i confusing these?

This is another round of mechs made in bones, there were 2 previous.

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We have another ALL-NEW design to preview today for our upcoming KS3. Sculpted by Tom Buttery, the Malvernis Shadow is a recon model designed to fit right into that last slot on an Attack Squad looking for a little targeting support. With the long-range of its twin guided missiles, the Shadow can sit back and add damage support as well.

The Shadow is featured as a Core Set Reward!

Also note that the four featured models so far, the Revenant, Butcher, Haunt and Shadow make a great Special Squad (2500 TV) to start the game out with!



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I love how a lot of them are all "RAWRRRRRR I'M A MISSILE BOAT, oh wait I have guns too, mwa ha ha ha ha" ^_^

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Ok you asked for some Templars so what better way to start then the ever impressive Centurion! This 12 DT beast is sure to cut down even the most ardent unbeliever in a wave of charged particles.


A CORE FORCE reward coming your way Sept 19th!



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12 hours ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

Well, I almost have to jump in on this one.  Can't pass up the Butcher.

You wont be disappointed!

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      These are the full details.
      Halfling Wizard mounted & foot Halfling Lord mounted & foot Halfling Yeoman hero & herald Halfling Yeomen of the Yard Halfling Yeoman standard bearer & guard Armoured Roosters Pledge Levels
      Pledge £9.00
      Any one pack chosen from the six.
      Just want the Roosters, or one of the Characters takes your fancy? Then this is the Pledge for you.
      Pledge £18.00
      Something of a dabbler?
      Why not Pledge for any two packs that might suit your needs, check them out against your current models… see if they paint up well? 
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      Pledge £42.00
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      One of each of the new models. Ten different halflings, eight mounted and two foot, plus, one of each of the Roosters extra. Covers all the bases.
      Halfling Wizard mounted & foot Halfling Lord mounted & foot  Halfling Yeoman hero & herald  Halfling Yeomen of the Yard  Halfling Yeoman standard bearer & guard Armoured Roosters  Plus, an exclusive Freebie miniature, & FREE SHIPPING!
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      Stretch Goals.
      £1000 – Double Up on Freebies. Instead of one Freebie we’ll double that up to two at the £42/£45 Levels, and 4 at the £80.00 Pledge level.
      £2000 – Make Exclusive Kickstarter Only mini. Previously on Kickstarter, we’ve sculpted some Exclusive minis for our Dwarves, Halfling and Zombies… at £1000, we’ll do this again and add the strictly limited-edition model, at all Pledge Levels.
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      Postage on both the small Pledges is based on destination Country. 
      £4.00 for UK delivery,  £5.00 for EU,  £6.00 for Rest of the World destination. At the £42.00 level and above, all shipping, world wide is FREE!
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      The city of Reme, of course, is one of the wonders of the world of the Lost Lands, home of powerful spell-casters and perhaps the greatest mercantile and war fleets of the Crescent Sea. It is also, however, steeped in the culture of the vast plains of the interior. It is a place where assumptions are dangerous, for it is no standard fantasy environment — it is a culture that will be entirely new and foreign to your players, a place to truly explore as well as adventure.
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