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CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018


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So here we are with 24 hours left and what a ride it has been! The best part of these campaigns, for me anyway, is getting to make new friends and hearing about all the fun people have playing CAV or painting up the miniatures we have produced so far.

I know I've said it before, but I play this game too and strive to make a product I would be proud to put down on the gameboard and push around while rolling those dice!

With that in mind, I think we need more vehicles! So here we go... two each for both factions that have been updated with new details and optimized for plastic. Enjoy!


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1 hour ago, Maredudd said:

Quick question . . . 


Not being familiar with Trenchworx, will the special edition aircraft be produced here in the US?


They are based out of Utah and try to do most of their stuff in their facility I believe, but whether they are producing this specific model in-house would be beyond my knowledge.

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