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CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

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14 hours ago, CAVBOSS said:

If you are US your box should be on the way. Sometimes shipping notices can be slow to update and theres always the chance we got a letter off when entering your email address and its stuck in limbo some where.

Canada and Australia went by air yesterday so they are due at the fufiller first of next week and hopefully they will get them out ASAP. That part is out of my hands at this point.

UK and EU get picked up this Friday and should be at Reaper UK next week as well.

If the tracking info came via an email labeled shipperapp.net then it was delivered to my mailbox today. When I got the email the other day, it looked like some kind of spam/fishing email so I sent it to junk!!

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2 hours ago, Adrift said:

If the tracking info came via an email labeled shipperapp.net then it was delivered to my mailbox today. When I got the email the other day, it looked like some kind of spam/fishing email so I sent it to junk!!

We use EasyPost and their app to notify is shipperapp.net but its supposed to show its from us (Talon Games) but who knows :)

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Got mine!! The better plastic which is more Bones black is soooooo much nicer, better details and I'm thrilled to have these! I almost wish I could donate the white plastic ones I have from the first KS back to the plastic pool 

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1 hour ago, SamuraiJack said:

I didnt get a notice, but USPS tells me it left Dallas on 12/10 and is now in the phantom zone of 'In transit to next facility'

That's the worst, unless it just randomly appears at your door or mailbox without any further ado.

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