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CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018


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OK, Its time for another Talon Games CAV Kickstarter 3 preview!

Today we are showing off the updated Templar Sovereign III Fire Support CAV. Painted by Ross Hines and sculpted by Chris Lewis, this medium chassis model is a great for any ranged attack group!

The Sovereign III is part of the Core Force Set and can be yours as a backer starting Sept 19th!



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2 minutes ago, Doublesix66 said:

I like the look of some of the new Cavs that will be in the KS not sure I'll go for the dropship as lovely as it is I'd expect it will be beyond my budget as I will be getting plenty of Cavs.


roll on 19th

Dont be so quick to dismiss. It might surprise you price wise!

So James Wappel has decided to post up his adventures in painting during CAV-Con of the Broadsword dropship with a cute bugger showing up at the end!


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You may of heard mention that we are planning on several terrain objects for the upcoming KS. I wanted to show off a favorite of mine, a recovery vehicle for damaged CAVs and vehicles. The trailer on the model is over 2" long so you can see its a pretty sizable model. This is one I really hope we get far enough to open up for everyone!

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Hmm, I have some spare CAV arms that I could put on the recovery vehicle flatbed.


I'm always in favor of near-future looking vehicles in that scale though.  I know this is a super niche thing so I'm always pleasantly surprised when I find some.

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CAV KICKSTARTER PREVIEW! Well here we are under the one week wire so its time for a new preview. Today we highlight the updated Templar Crusader. A Large Chassis Attack CAV with EST, the Crusader is the perfect addition to any squad set up to dominate the battlefield!

The Crusader is a CORE SET reward and can be yours for backing the Kickstarter on Sept 19th!

Blue Crusader painted by Chandler Scott!







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