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Doomsday Dawn, Pathfinder 2nd Edition Playtest

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So for party comp we have the following so far


goblin alchemist

dwarf rogue or gnome sorcerer

half-elf ranger



I'll work on my character this weekend (mainly tomorrow as Sunday, I'll be out of town, school shopping for my son that day) & I'll get him posted up as soon as I can.

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Name Kautu Player TTuckerman
     Mod  Score          Weapon Prof             Armor Prof         Traits
STR   2     14           Simple T Martial T    Light T  Medium T           
Dex   3     16      Mele Longsword 1d8 T 3 S(P)                     Versitle P
Con   1     12    Ranged Long Bow  1d8 T $ P Range 100              Deadly d10 Volley 50
Wis   2     14
Int   1     12
Cha   0     10

Speed 30 Class DC 14 Hero Pts 1 HP 19
Perception 3 E

Low Light
Saving Throw Fort 3  E Reflex 5 E Will 4 E
AC 15 T TAC 14 T

Acrobatics    4  T        Medicine      T
Arcana       -1           Nature       3 Sig T
Athletics     0 Sig       Occultism   -1
Crafting      2 Sig T     Performance -1
Deception    -2           Religion     3 T
Diplomacy    -2           Society     -1
Intimidation -2           Stealth      4 Sig T
Lore PFS      2 T         Survival     3 Sig T
Lore         -1           Thievery     1 

1/2 Elf

Class Feats & Features
Hunt Target
Animal Companion

Skill Feats
Additoional Lore PFS

Leather Armor
2 (10) Arrows
9 Days rations
Ordinary Clothing
Silk Rope
Bulk 5 Max 7

1 SP

Name Kautu' Eagle Player TTuckerman
     Mod  Score          Weapon Prof             Armor Prof         Traits
STR   2     14           Unarmed T               Unarmored T      
Dex   3     16      Mele Beak 1d6 T 3 P                            Finesse 
Con   0     10           Talon 1d4 T 3 S                           Agile,Finesse
Wis   2     14
Int  -4      2
Cha   -1     8

Speed 10 Fly 60 Class DC 14 Hero Pts 1 HP 10
Perception 3 E
Saving Throw Fort 1  T Reflex 4 T Will 3 T
AC 14 T TAC 13 T

Acrobatics    4 Sig T     Medicine    -4 
Arcana       -6           Nature      -4
Athletics     3           Occultism   -6
Crafting     -5           Performance -2
Deception    -3           Religion    -4 
Diplomacy    -3           Society     -6
Intimidation -3           Stealth      4  T
Lore         -3           Survival     1  
Lore         -3           Thievery     1 


Class Feats & Features
Work Together

Skill Feats

Edited by ttuckerman
Animal Companion & Low Light

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Eek, sorry, missed that. Can shift easily to human.


Name Marius Tucca Player Lostbug

     Mod  Score          Weapon Prof             Armor Prof         Traits

STR   3      16         Simple T Martial T    Light T  Medium T           Heavy T   Shield   T 

Dex   1     12     Mele Scimitar 1d8 T 3 S                  Forceful, Sweeping 

Con   2      14     Ranged Short Bow  1d6  T $ P Range 60             Deadly d10 

Wis   1    12

Int   0    10

Cha   2   14

Speed 25 Class DC 13  Hero Pts 1 HP 20

Perception 2  T

Saving Throw Fort 4  E Reflex 2 T Will 3 E

AC 18  T TAC 14 T


Acrobatics    0        Medicine      3  E

Arcana       -1           Nature       0 

Athletics     2  Sig T   Occultism   -1

Crafting      -1  Sig     Performance  1

Deception    1           Religion     2  Sig T

Diplomacy    3 Sig T      Society     -1

Intimidation 1    Stealth      0 

Lore Saranrae      1   T         Survival     0 

Lore         -1           Thievery     0



Class Feats & Features

Hospice Knight

Warded Touch


Skill Feats

Student of the Canon



Chain Shirt Armor

Heavy Steel Shield

Heavy Shield Boss

Short Bow

2 (10) Arrows

9 Days rations


Ordinary Clothing

Silk Rope



Bulk 6 Max 8


3 SP


Edited by Lostbug

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Are you sure you aren’t trained or expert in any saves? 


HP should be Class+Race+Con Mod

First level is a lot of HP.

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I see a 15 hp for the goblin. 6 Goblin 8 Rouge +1 Con.  Trained in fort (+1 for level) and Expert in Perception, Will and Reflex (+2, +1 level and +1 for expert)

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30 minutes ago, ttuckerman said:

I see a 15 hp for the goblin. 6 Goblin 8 Rouge +1 Con.  Trained in fort (+1 for level) and Expert in Perception, Will and Reflex (+2, +1 level and +1 for expert)


He's a dwarf so 10 from that. 

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Hmm. I may have missed a few things then. A lot of back and forth in this new system, making sure I got all my i's crossed and t's dotted

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