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Doomsday Dawn, Pathfinder 2nd Edition Playtest

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So for party comp we have the following so far


goblin alchemist

dwarf rogue or gnome sorcerer

half-elf ranger



I'll work on my character this weekend (mainly tomorrow as Sunday, I'll be out of town, school shopping for my son that day) & I'll get him posted up as soon as I can.

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Name Kautu Player TTuckerman
     Mod  Score          Weapon Prof             Armor Prof         Traits
STR   2     14           Simple T Martial T    Light T  Medium T           
Dex   3     16      Mele Longsword 1d8 T 3 S(P)                     Versitle P
Con   1     12    Ranged Long Bow  1d8 T $ P Range 100              Deadly d10 Volley 50
Wis   2     14
Int   1     12
Cha   0     10

Speed 30 Class DC 14 Hero Pts 1 HP 19
Perception 3 E

Low Light
Saving Throw Fort 3  E Reflex 5 E Will 4 E
AC 15 T TAC 14 T

Acrobatics    4  T        Medicine      T
Arcana       -1           Nature       3 Sig T
Athletics     0 Sig       Occultism   -1
Crafting      2 Sig T     Performance -1
Deception    -2           Religion     3 T
Diplomacy    -2           Society     -1
Intimidation -2           Stealth      4 Sig T
Lore PFS      2 T         Survival     3 Sig T
Lore         -1           Thievery     1 

1/2 Elf

Class Feats & Features
Hunt Target
Animal Companion

Skill Feats
Additoional Lore PFS

Leather Armor
2 (10) Arrows
9 Days rations
Ordinary Clothing
Silk Rope
Bulk 5 Max 7

1 SP

Name Kautu' Eagle Player TTuckerman
     Mod  Score          Weapon Prof             Armor Prof         Traits
STR   2     14           Unarmed T               Unarmored T      
Dex   3     16      Mele Beak 1d6 T 3 P                            Finesse 
Con   0     10           Talon 1d4 T 3 S                           Agile,Finesse
Wis   2     14
Int  -4      2
Cha   -1     8

Speed 10 Fly 60 Class DC 14 Hero Pts 1 HP 10
Perception 3 E
Saving Throw Fort 1  T Reflex 4 T Will 3 T
AC 14 T TAC 13 T

Acrobatics    4 Sig T     Medicine    -4 
Arcana       -6           Nature      -4
Athletics     3           Occultism   -6
Crafting     -5           Performance -2
Deception    -3           Religion    -4 
Diplomacy    -3           Society     -6
Intimidation -3           Stealth      4  T
Lore         -3           Survival     1  
Lore         -3           Thievery     1 


Class Feats & Features
Work Together

Skill Feats

Edited by ttuckerman
Animal Companion & Low Light

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Eek, sorry, missed that. Can shift easily to human.


Name Marius Tucca Player Lostbug

     Mod  Score          Weapon Prof             Armor Prof         Traits

STR   3      16         Simple T Martial T    Light T  Medium T           Heavy T   Shield   T 

Dex   1     12     Mele Scimitar 1d8 T 3 S                  Forceful, Sweeping 

Con   2      14     Ranged Short Bow  1d6  T $ P Range 60             Deadly d10 

Wis   1    12

Int   0    10

Cha   2   14

Speed 25 Class DC 13  Hero Pts 1 HP 20

Perception 2  T

Saving Throw Fort 4  E Reflex 2 T Will 3 E

AC 18  T TAC 14 T


Acrobatics    0        Medicine      3  E

Arcana       -1           Nature       0 

Athletics     2  Sig T   Occultism   -1

Crafting      -1  Sig     Performance  1

Deception    1           Religion     2  Sig T

Diplomacy    3 Sig T      Society     -1

Intimidation 1    Stealth      0 

Lore Saranrae      1   T         Survival     0 

Lore         -1           Thievery     0



Class Feats & Features

Hospice Knight

Warded Touch


Skill Feats

Student of the Canon



Chain Shirt Armor

Heavy Steel Shield

Heavy Shield Boss

Short Bow

2 (10) Arrows

9 Days rations


Ordinary Clothing

Silk Rope



Bulk 6 Max 8


3 SP


Edited by Lostbug

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I see a 15 hp for the goblin. 6 Goblin 8 Rouge +1 Con.  Trained in fort (+1 for level) and Expert in Perception, Will and Reflex (+2, +1 level and +1 for expert)

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30 minutes ago, ttuckerman said:

I see a 15 hp for the goblin. 6 Goblin 8 Rouge +1 Con.  Trained in fort (+1 for level) and Expert in Perception, Will and Reflex (+2, +1 level and +1 for expert)


He's a dwarf so 10 from that. 

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Hmm. I may have missed a few things then. A lot of back and forth in this new system, making sure I got all my i's crossed and t's dotted

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      The Cleric in my D&D group leveled up and acquired the Spiritual Guardian skill. He needed a model to represent his Guardian. Honaire looks so cool, but he didn't have a shield. I found one in my bits box, and painted the symbol of his chosen Deity, Chauntea. I loved painting this because the simple palette left more room to just relax and enjoy the work.

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    • By Darcstaar
      Hi people.
      Im going to start another PBP.  So far I have interest from @ShadowRaven, @dwarvenranger, @Dilvish the Deliverer, and @Kangaroorex.
      We’re going to start the Serpent’s Skull adventure path.  Pathfinder 1e.
      All books are in play, but I reserve the right to veto something if it seems too gross/bloated.
      Please utilize the Serpent’s Skull Players Guide from the Paizo website.
      Abilities: 4d6, reroll all 1’s, drop lowest score, yielding ranges from 2-18 pre mods.
      Avg. Starting gold.
      We’ll follow the AP leveling track when possible.
      We’ll have individual initiative.
      I hope to get this started soon, so please post those characters.

      House Rules
      1. HP beyond first level.  Roll the hit die.  If the roll is less than”avg” then take avg instead.  Example: Wizard d6.  Rolls a 1.  Gets 4hp instead, before Con mod.
      2. Acrobatics can be used to avoid AOO when standing from prone.
      3. If someone is not responding and action is waiting for them, I’ll send a pm after 24 hours.  If no response 24 hours later, I’ll take over that character to get action rolling again.
    • By Darcstaar
      Part 1 of the Serpent’s Skull Adventure Path.  By James Jacobs, (c) 2010.
      Paizo Publishing.
      Using the Pathfinder Rules from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook
      Sixth Printing, 2013 and copyright 2009 and on
      Also uses Open Game License Content 1.0a Copyright 2000 Wizards of the Coast
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