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Feeding your adventuring party


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I used to glaze over it, but the game is much more fun if I include this detail. 

Why is starvation fun?

Well, D&D is very much about resource management.  It's all about trade-offs.  If you want to wander out in the countryside searching for ruins, you're going to get hungry.  Did you blow your treasure on a fancy new sword, or several days worth of food?


In the medieval world, civilization meant survival.  And I like to reinforce that, because otherwise I've ended up with characters out in the wild for months at a time, and if the study of history has taught me anything, it's that people out in the wild without resources tend to die.   


Stocking up on rations provides a great opportunity to increase the size of the party, since porters are required to haul all the food around the countryside.  And no, I don't mess with the players by inserting thieves and assassins into the NPC ranks.  It's hard enough to manage a half-dozen porters carrying extra food, there's no need to make players distrust me further.  Those lowly porters mean the characters can stay out in the dungeon collecting loot for longer than they could otherwise, so it is in their interest to keep those lowly 1-6 hp villagers alive.


It also helps create the world, since wizards (not known for their strength) won't venture very far from civilization because they can't carry their supplies without lots of help.  But clerics? Yeah, they can wander a bit thanks to their spells.  That makes clerics a bit more socially important in my games, and it makes wizards more magical, since backwater towns probably haven't seen a wizard in a while. 




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