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Glavewraith Stalkers (Games Workshop)


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Glad you all like them. I'm very happy with the results. I'll be getting more from this range.

10 hours ago, Ducknuck84 said:

Those look really good! How was the fit? I've heard that some have not liked the new snap fit


I've heard the same complaints, I trimmed the pegs a bit and used plastic cement. so I had little to no trouble with them. Just out of the box there a bit stiff and I could foresee them not fitting as snugly as one wished.    

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well!  so much for the skeksis comment...  Very good job on these.  Good to hear the press fit stuff goes together pretty well.


I really like the ghostly wisps.  very nice job on those!  Models like this though do make you wonder... how long does it take for them to get dressed and get all the spikes neatly in to their holes and do they go through the same ribbing from their co-gooiles if they get the spikes off a hole that people get in the office for having a button hole mis-aligned.

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