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Stand and Deliver!


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Thanks everybody!


Finally made some progress (I keep knocking her off the table, so I've been spending more time re-attaching her arms than I have painting).




Finished the brass bits with highlights of Brassy Brass and 1:1 Brassy Brass/Aluminium and the Bronze bits with highlights of Bronze and 1:1 Bronze/Aluminium, then both got a thinned coat of Sepia Wash.


I discovered she has an exposed mid-riff, so that got done in Oily Steel.


Then she got a hat (Dark Seagreen, shaded with Dark Seagreen plus a brushtipful of Pure Black and some Black Wash in the deepest recesses and highlighted with 1:1 Dark Seagreen/Ghost Grey) with a feather in it (Turquoise > 1:1 Turquoise/Ghost Grey).

And a scarf (Blood Red > Black Wash > Blood Red > 1:1 Blood Red/Pale Yellow > Blood Red glaze). 

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Thanks guys!


More progress:-




Painted the back of her coat Lonestar Leather (I think, the label has worn off), shaded down with 1:1 Lonestar Leather/Leather Brown and pure Leather Brown, highlighted up with 1:1 Lonestar Leather/Iraqi Sand and 1:1:1 Lonestar Leather/Iraqi Sand/Off-white. I then smoothed out the layers a bit with thinned Lonestar Leather and finally a Brown Wash.


Her puffy shoulder bits and the decoration on her coat started with a layer of Iraqi Sand, then a highlight of 1:2 Iraqi Sand/Off-white and finally a Sepia Wash.

Then I did all her buttons in Polished Gold.


The inside of her coat is just 1:2 Medium Olive/Lonestar Leather with a Brown Wash for now, I'll finish it off tomorrow.


Now I just need to figure out the colour of her sleeve protector thingys.

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Thanks guys!

I'm rather pleased with how her coat turned out too.


Made a bit more progress:-




Had a rethink about the inside of her coat.

Rebased it in 2:1 Leather Brown/Medium Olive, shaded down with Leather Brown and two brushtipfuls of the basecoat, and highlighted with Medium Olive and two brushtipfuls of the basecoat.

The highlight was a bit too strong so I went over it with a glaze of 1:1 Leather Brown/Medium Olive, then gave it a coat of Brown Wash.


The arm protectors were based in 1:1 Stone Grey/Pure Black and highlighted with Stone Grey and two brushtipfuls of Pure Black, they were then given a coat of Black Wash and I picked out the buttons in Polished Gold (Not my neatest work, but they are very small buttons).


Both areas are coming across rather shiny in the piccy, but they look okay in hand.

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Kept doing little bits and forgetting to take piccys:-




She got stockings, although I'm not sure why a robot needs them (Iraqi Sand > 1:1 Iraqi Sand/Off-white > Sepia Wash), a frilly skirt (Wolf Grey > 1:2 Wolf Grey/Off-white > Grey Wash > 1:2 Wolf Grey/Off-white), leather boots and belt (1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red > Brown Wash > 1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red > 1:1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red/Cork Brown > 1:1:1:2 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red/Cork Brown/Bonewhite with Bronze decorative bits) and finally a leather panel skirt (just Lonestar Leather and a Brown Wash so far).


Almost done!

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