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Hi all!


So I've been painting for a little while now and mainly use my minis for tabletop play. Knowing that they'd be handled a fair bit (and sometimes need to travel around in a box), I've sealed them to try and protect them. However, some of my minis are still getting chips in paint and the like, and I'm not sure why that is. I haven't sealed everything the same way, and I honestly don't remember which minis I've sealed which way to know what's worked best. Right now I use a gloss sealer and then a matte one to knock the shininess down so it looks less "cheap toy" like. Is there some other method I should use? I'm using the Reaper brush-on sealers.



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You're doing it right, it may just need a re-application every now and then.  I use spray sealer on my gaming minis, because I usually paint in batches and can do half a dozen at once.  Then every now and then I give the used figures a look over and reapply.  


Are you painting metal or Bones? Metal is more susceptible to damage if it is being carried around in a box.  You may have to wrap or pad the pieces to keep them from knocking about.  


Are your players mishandling the figures? Usually people are good about it but every now and then you have someone who gets rough.  I had one guy in my group who sat and fiddled with his character figure so much he rubbed the paint right off down to the bare metal! 


And then there is primer. Reaper makes a pretty good brush on, for both Bones and metal. It goes a long way towards keeping paint on figures that will be handled a lot. 

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I hadn't thought about reapplying now and again. That makes sense, especially if certain figures get handled regularly (like goblins and orcs or PC minis). Same for paint.


I'm primarily painting Bones. I have a few metal figures, but Bones is where it's at for me.


My players tend not to be too handsy with the minis. Every now and then someone will want to look at something because they think it's cool (which I appreciate), but I haven't had anyone do what you described!


I've never primed my Bones. I wash them, but I've never really thought about priming them. That is definitely something to consider. I do have brush on primer for the rare metal figures I have. I hadn't considered applying it to Bones.

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Since I paint 75mm and larger I seal with Krylon Matt or for some effects High GLOSS spray paint. BTW if your going to Reaper Con some vendors sell great carrying cases, when I played DND I use fishing tackle boxes now there is a whole world of packing carrying and display cases you can save your paint efforts from serious damage.

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6 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

If you have some Brown or Gray Liner, use that instead of Primer on Bones. 

It sticks like nobody's business.  


I have brown liner. Should I thin it at all to prime my Bones with, or just go straight from the bottle? 

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