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I have put together a crew of North star and Bad Squiddo  figures. A reaper druid is going to act as the warden and I will probably use the Bad Squiddo female pirate (drawing her sword) as the Heritor or buy a Reaper female pirate. The concept is that they are all ex navy or ex marines so have similar kit, red breeches, blue grey or linen shirts, dark brown boots. My goals with these are to do better work highlighting/finishing the faces, and to avoid them looking muddy. That looks fine for Frostgrave but a bit dull for GA. At the moment these have just had base/undercoats and a wash of Army Painter Light Tone.  C and c always welcome on my posts. 






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Thanks everyone, I should add that there is a wargames foundry pirate in there as well (dual wielder with bandana) and a Hasslefree half orc barbarian. Next steps are metals, details, highlighting and basing. Am going to have a combination of wooden planks and sand/grass/undergrowth. One of the reasons for basing the figures off to one side was to make more of the bases.

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A few more completed but for the basing. All Northstar, medium or heavy infantry/men at arms/freebooter/mercenary (I get them mixed up), and a dwarf smith (not from Frostgrave or GA).


The first chap was meant to be sunburned so may need to go back in with a glaze or highlight for the face.


I am going to see if brown mod podge works on the bases, which have been specially tinted to deter paint and grease it seems! Will then add textures and details on top. Am also thinking about not filling in the holes in all the bases so that the gaming surface is visible. 





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    • By Lidless Eye
      Kislev lives on in our hearts forever. 

      I've continued my theme of building the Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Crew with a Steppes feel.  The majority of these are built using bodies and arms from the Crew kit, with some Empire/Mordheim heads and other outsourced bits.






      The last batch wound up being more generic Pirate types.

    • By Lidless Eye
      My most recent painted pieces are the Tribals from Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago.

      I really liked the spirit mask options.  My grandmother had a set in her spare room, and I was fascinated with them as a child.

      The Cyclops is actually a 3D print by Valandar to celebrate the successful funding of his Titans of Legend Kickstarter.  The Cyclops stretch goal in the FG:FA Nickstarter wasn't hit, but the file was released the same day.  I figured he would fit in with them.
















    • By Rob Dean
      The club's next Ghost Archipelago campaign starts this coming Saturday, so I am taking advantage of the day off to make sure that I am ready.  We are starting with new crews, and my new spell caster (warden) has a spell to create a little piece of blocking terrain, so I decided that I had better make a few today.  I am hoping/expecting that 6 of them should be enough. The parapet is supposed to be 2" long and a half inch high, so I pulled out some 50mm cavalry bases to stack stones on.  
      Step One:
      Glue on stones and wait for things to dry.

    • By Chris Palmer
      Seeing this map of the 100 Acre Wood on my Facebook feed made me think what a neat scenario map it would make.  This got me thinking how cool a Pooh based Crew would be for Ghost Archipelago.

           I immediately thought of Reaper’s Werebear, and Wereboar for Pooh and Piglet as the Heritor and the Warden.
           And coming up with an anthropomorphic Tiger, Owl (Bones Black Owlbear?), and Rabbit shouldn’t be hard.  For Eeyore I thought I could convert a Minotaur.  
      Anyone actually make a Weredonkey or Werehorse?
      My real sticking point is Kanga and Roo.  Does anyone make an anthropomorphic kangaroo?
    • By Lidless Eye
      Among my first minis finished in 2019 are the Crew from/for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago.  I did two themed builds, plus a generic sailor who was left over.
      The Warriors of the Steppes.  They were done with a Cossack theme, and they all use official FG Crew bodies/arms, with heads from Warhammer kits (Chaos Marauder Horsemen, Empire Archers, maybe another)








      The Warriors of the Desert.  They were built entirely from the FG Crew sprue.




      The lone generic Crewman Crunch.

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