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Village Map :: Gabriel


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The second village of four in the region ... yes, there are four.  The fourth is Jule Village which is on the full Markshire map but not on my region map.


I present, Gabriel:




Gabriel is much more of a hunting and gathering village for its use of the Dimmaskog Forest.  The thatched buildings closest to the forest are collectively a hunters commune.  The buildings directly above that are the inn of Gabriel.  Merchant buildings reside across from the inn.  The mayor's home is to the topmost on the main road with the two colored tiled roof.  A windmill is to top right and fields of wheat or corn are located below that.  The majority of the rest are homes.


Naturally, a Temple of Odin exists in the town.  This temple, being closer to Starcroft and the mines near there, has paving stones and a walled entrance at the front.


Region map:



Jule Village is located south of Waymeet lying next to another forest.

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Sneak peek at another map ...


The Old Tower




This old tower once held the secrets of an old and powerful wizard.  The rumors around the tower are plentiful and even reach the capitol, Stonemark.  But nothing has ever been discovered according to the locals.


The tower is oddly shaped and doesn't have stones set in them.  They look as if they were raised from the earth and sculpted to shape.


The locals avoid the place because of the strange vegetation.  A sickly orange root has grown out from the tower and slowly covers the walls and the grounds around it.  Animals shun the place except for ravens.


The bleary-eyed tavern goers claim to have seen a pair of giant ravens on occasion checking the ruin.  Speculations abound that Odin himself keeps tabs on the place through his ravens, Hunin and Munin.

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