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42 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

For those of us (me) that live in caves and don't come out regularly, what is D&D adventurers league? When I'm looking at the rp games and it says that it is a 'tier 1' adventure, what does that mean?


D&D Adventurers League (DDAL) is a worldwide campaign for Dungeons and Dragons. You create a character, and can continue to play it in any DDAL game. Many local gaming stores schedule days/times for DDAL games, and it's a great way to play as often as you want: just show up and play. And since you play the same character, he/she continues to gain experience, gold, etc. Most games features individual published "modules" that are either 2 hours or 4 hours in length, and your character can only play in that mod one time. Note that you could create a second character (or a third, or a fourth, or...) and play that mod again with a different character.


To help coordinate the games, modules are written at different "tiers": Tier 1 is for characters level 1-4. Tier 2 is for characters level 5-10, and so on. In addition, the modules are written to be adjusted a bit within each tier, based on number of players (anywhere from 3 to 7 players) and level. For example, if your party for a game is four Level 1 characters, the DM adjusts the mod to make it more manageable. Likewise, if your party is six Level 4 characters, the DM will scale up the difficulty.


To play in a DDAL game, you need to create a character. DDAL uses the official D&D 5th-Edition rules, and it's standardized for fairness; for example, instead of randomly rolling your stats, you use the "point buy" system. There are also Level 1 pre-generated characters available which you can use. (Don't worry if it's not quite the character you want: DDAL allows you to "rebuild" your character at any point before it reaches Level 5, so you can change literally ANYTHING about the character... except its name.) If you're not familiar with D&D 5th-Edition rules, you can find most of the ruleset online. You'll need to keep track of each game your character plays with a DDAL Logsheet. You can download the DDAL Players Guide and a DDAL Logsheet for free at DMs Guild.

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40 minutes ago, Dragoneye said:

Or Living City... lol, that was my first. But I played a lot of Living Greyhawk. I'm thinking of joining a game. I've never played 5e though... (just 3.5 and prior). 

Nor I

But I have been told that I will not have issues with 5e for the same reasons

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3 hours ago, ttuckerman said:

No PFS precedes the 5e Adventure's League.  Now PFS is the Living Greyhawk of Pathfinder.  I did play in that years ago!


As did I! I was one of the regional admins for Living Greyhawk, running conventions and writing mods. Good times!

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