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Heading into the Jungle (vignette)

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Love it! Pulpy and tropical.

It goes without saying that at least one Soviet agent got punched out and/or seduced during that vehicle's acquisition. :poke: 

Wonder what he's looking for?

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Ah, I see you didn't want to work on an elaborate base and kept it simple!


Great job!

Love the setting!

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      Quick paint spread throughout the day.

    • By Maglok
      I painted this dude up as my technomancer for our Starfinder campaign. The idea is his coat is very tech-ey. I used a Bones Chronoscope miniature and modded in some antenna. Also slightly purple skin, cause this is a Lashunta.
    • By lexomatic
      I had a bad day and decided to do some painting in between the terrain stuff.
      I did quick red /brown/blue liner primer coats at 920 and put stuff aside. Then did another 15-20 minutes ruddy leather on belts and boots, intense brown and oiled leather on coat, creamy ivory on shirt, red shadow and carnage red lightened with Ivory and medium. Corporea black for pants.

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      Xiang Lung, 50170, is listed as a "Chinese Villain," but can anyone with a cuddly monkey be THAT villainous?
      A master of terrible sorceries, most assuredly. 

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      Hello all, want to share the last minis I've painted: Alice and White rabbit.
      I was inspired by the color choice of the 50's Disney animated movie, so blonde air, azure dress and white apron for Alice; no more space for other colors but the jade-green vial, and the brown boots.
      Red, blue and yellow is my color choice for the White rabbit; instead of white, I opted for a more natural "leprous" looks for the fur.
      I keep my search for the "add more contrast quest"... little by little I think I'm achieving it 
      Quite Happy of the result 
      Let me know what you girls and guys think about them.

      As always every advice and critics is more than welcome.
      Thanks for watching.
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