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Bombshell Miniatures 10014 - Victoriana

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1 hour ago, Cyradis said:

Great so far! What plaid over-colors will be in the mix? 


I am basing it off a picture of a coat I found online.  I am finding that the full tartan patterns look really messy once I start to try and shade/highlight them.  This one will be a simplified pattern, although it will have four colours (green blue red orange).  The trick will be balancing the simple plaid and the complex carpet bag so they work well together. 




Carpet Bag reference photo.




Messy tartan patterns on skirts:











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Made some progress... painted the plaid on the hat.  My fashion advisors tell me that there is something called "too much tartan".  I live in Nova Scotia, so I thought there was no such thing as too much tartan.  I am being advised to apply the plaid to either the jacket or the pants, or just leave it as is, but not to paint the whole suit.  What do you think?





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10 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

Plaid the peplum frill of her skirt, but not the other parts. Possibly change the plaid so that it is similar to, but not matching the hat. **shrug** It is an idea. 


Thanks, I can visualize that. Now I'm thinking that doing her collar and the cuffs of her jacket as well might be enough to tie it all together without being "too much". 

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