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Countdown to Halloween

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A few weeks ago I began to perceive subtle changes heralding the return of my favorite time of year. Fortunately it also brought with a return of my motivation to paint. Over the course of time I've managed to amass many 20s of horror and undead minis so what better way to get into the season than start actually painting some of them. 


I picked this up at Goodwill some months ago with the idea of having it be a home for the witches. The original painter did a pretty good job on it, but I'm going for something a bit more Charles Addams .


So it got a coat of Pavement Grey craft paint.


Here we have batch 1. The wraith, wolf, lich, vampire, and tomb are all from the Bones 3 Graveyard set and the two beastmen I picked up from the discount bin at Reaper HQ last year. The wraith was previously coated in black and at some point I added a brown wash for unremembered reasons.


Here's everyone after Dirty Bone and Stormy Grey have been applied. The chimneys of the house had it drybrushed on as did the tomb. While base coating the others I noticed that for unknown reasons the Stormy Grey is acting odd, thinner than it ought to be out of the bottle. I'm not too concerned about it as I've had this bottle for a long time and I think it went thru one temperature change too many, as well as perhaps age catching up with it. The wraith didn't receive any because of this and because even someone like myself who abuses the grey spectrum with overuse on a regular basis gets burned out some. So I'm holding off on him for a little while.

Now it might be asked what the beastmen are doing in a Halloween themed thread, but witches and goat headed creatures go together quite often in both art and legend. So they'll be acting as bodyguards for the witches of a more infernal type. 

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Found and unleashed some old gw Administratum Grey on the house. 


The Black Goats of the Woods got some black basing on the fur and some blackened steel on the axes. The Dust King got some as well.


I finally made a decision as regards the wraith, since today I've been digging into the deep cuts as it were of my paint collection, he got drybrushed with some cape cod blue craft paint that I've had since the early 90s. The tomb got some drybrush love with the Administratum Grey. I'm tempted to call it done, but when I do this basing on the house, I'll add some of the same to the tomb. The undead wolf got a black wash over his fur.


The day may come when I work in bright happy pastel colors....but it is not this day!

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The shingles have been drybrushed with the same cape cod blue as the wraith and a light tint of brown wash applied over the walls.


I also went over the dark grey trim with a watered down black wash, but it doesn't seem to show much.


The wolf was drybrushed with Stormy Grey and then Linen White. Teeth and ribs were picked out in Dirty Bone and black applied to his claws and eye sockets. He's just about done except for the eyes and base.


The vampire had his wings brown washed and then drybrushed with more Dirty Bone. I also did the same to his mouth. 


The Black Goats also had Dirty Bone and brown wash added.


I added some Dragon Bronze to the Dust King's armor and some black to his weapons. I also picked out some details on his skull with Dirty Bone. Of everything I'm working on right now, this one will be the designated time sink as he has a lot of detail and I haven't yet figured out a color scheme for his cloak. It has fur lining so that sort of limits my options by which I mean it'll probably end up grey. 


The Wraith and broken tomb have gotten their matte seal applied and are done except for basing. Hopefully I can get most of these done by the end of the week end.


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The edging on the house got a drybrushing of Stormy Grey. And despite my temptation to keep noodling at it, I'm calling the house structure done, so I can start on the details.


The Goatmen received a heavy drybrushing of Stormy Grey over their fur and I put their first skin layer on, mixing some Rainy Grey into the Stormy. (much like the weather outside.)


The Vampire got his first layer of Vampiric Shadow. 


The Dust King hath received his "bling".


As I was painting him I began to wonder about a few of his details. He has the kingly robe and scepter so obviously a lord of something. But the number of purses about his person lead me to wonder if he wasn't a common adventurer at some point. (or perhaps he read one too many 90s comic books)A tragic story of a lvl 1 fighter who over the course of time made some questionable decisions that led to an untimely end just as he'd finally made good. I noticed that he's paired with the broken tomb so I wonder what his thoughts are now that he has become the very sort of thing he'd looted in his old adventuring days. 

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Color has now made it's way onto the house. Oiled Leather, Ebony Flesh, and Highlight Orange.


I obliterated quite a bit of detail when I based it in grey, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem to paint in eyes for the pumpkins. The Vampire was given a wash of Stormy Grey. I used the grey wash/vampire skin triad on some Wizkids Ghouls earlier this year with good results and I kind of want this guy to fit in well alongside them. 


The Dust King has begun to be decked out in royal spender. I decided against grey for his cloak as with the Dragon Red he now looks like he may have beaten up and looted Santa at some point. (maybe why he's cursed with undeath?)


His skirt is witchcraft purple, being both kingly and it will tie him in with the witches.


The Lost Children of Bill Hicks Treading The Path of The Swole are nearly done, I took this picture after finishing their skin and begining to add color to the details. For some reason they have a bit of a blueish tint, even though the only greys used were Rainy and Stormy. But it's not a bad effect, just a suprising one. I have some werewolves coming up that I'll probably use the same colors on. After my nap I'll get around to basing them.

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The house details have been touched up and all that remains is to begin basing after the matte sealer dries.


The cobwebs were a bit of a happy little accident. I was going the Linen White when I grabbed the Dirty Bone instead. The more subdued tone I think goes better with the whole. 


The dead shrubs are black wash over Dark Highlight. I drybrushed a bit more Dark Highlight over it, but I didn't get too detailed with it as I'm going to experiment with gluing clusters of dead leaves to them. The remaining black wash went onto the Dust King's stolen Santa cloak.



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The Dust King's cloak is now done, except for maybe a light drybrushing of white. His skirt got a good dosing with GW Druchii Violet shade. I was tempted to highlight it further, the Dragon Red is just fine on it's own over the black wash.


The Vampire is almost done, except for his final skin highlight and a few other details. 



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The Vampire and Dust King are done except for matte sealer and basing, the Witch House should be dry from the sealer in the morning and now begins....

Chapter 2: Undead Boogaloo


Fresh Victims for my Army of the Undead include:

Ral Partha 03-188 Witch (this being a Witch themed army I suppose I ought to paint one. Truth in advertising and such)

Nolzur's Vampires by Wizkids (I've noticed that the wizkids figures can be sometimes be a pain in the elf, depending on sculpt. So best to get these guys started early just in case I have to unleash the simple green)

77407 Death Dog 

03795 Giant Bats

77025 Giant Spider

77161 Ghost King

77342 Zombies! (5)

So basically a representation of all manner of Halloween creature in each batch is the goal. Mostly so I don't get burned out painting the same things at once, and partly due to an odd omen I saw last night. Around midnight I wandered outside for a moonlit cigarette and coffee. The moon hung brightly in the middle of the sky, the occasional cloud wisping in front of it going west to east. This alone was rather inspiring me to get back to the painting desk, but then I noticed that the clouds passing each had not only a shape, but an ongoing theme.

First one was a Cat, next an Owl, then a Dragon, and last a Rat. (Witches, Vampires, Beasts)

So I'm taking this as a sign from the Great Pumpkin that if I paint these kinds of minis, then He will ensure that the raccoons don't destroy the last of the pumpkins. (found another new one forming today yay!) 

Here we have the Bones, freshly released from their blister packs and enjoying a bit of air before their bath.


And their metal and plastic friends doing the same as they await the touch of the file.


Let the madness commence!


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The bats have been assaulted with Stormy Grey. Their perches are Stormy Grey over Pavement Grey and the witch looks on as her undercoating dries.


The Vampires have so far not been the pain that I had feared they would be, except for a few small sections where brushes have difficulty in reaching. As with other Wizkids figures I've painted, I've been thinning the paints a bit more than usual so as not to obliterate the shallower details. 


The one on the right had his hair washed with Rainy Grey, which isn't photographing too well it seems. These two remind me of Vlad and Manfred Von Carstein. 

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The bats are done except for sealing and basing. The vampires are being difficult at least in regard to the Dragon Red. 


I may have thinned it too much, but it was like they had been the recipients of a fruit juice explosion. The capes are also proving to be a trial as far as getting a brush into certain places.But I've made a decent amount of progress on them today at least, and I ought to apply some paint to the witch before I am turned into some manner of newt.

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The witch now has a face!


Pale Skin Triad and a bit of flesh wash.  While I was working with those colors I also applied them to one of the zombies


She still needs a zombification tinting. I usually use purple for that, but this time I'm thinking a grey-green.

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