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Templar Knight

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This is a templar knight sculpted by Michael Hunter.  It is one of Michael's first sculpts that he has been able to cast successfully.  I am posting this WIP so he can watch along as I paint up his work of art. 


Here he is pinned and primed:




And now mounted on his base.  I used the Happy Seppuku Dried River Stamp to give the base texture. 



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Next step was to put a couple of layers of brown on the base. 




The next step for me is always to select the light direction and paint in the initial shadows. In this case I used a dark grey on the edges of all the chain pieces and walnut brown for all the other shadows. 






Next step was to apply two washes, one to the base on one to all the armour areas.  I did these both at the same time because they take a while to dry.  Once they are done, I will be able to finish the rest of the miniature in one painting session.  The base is going to look like parched dried up mud, so I used a brown wash.  For the armour, I did a couple of coats of black wash, working the paint carefully into all the little holes in the chain mail.  Nothing is more annoying than finding those spots that are still white when the chainmail is nearly done and it becomes very difficult to get black paint into the deep recesses.  I will inspect the miniature carefully once its dry and do another layer of wash if I see any white spots. 






That's going to be it on this project for a little while.  I have to wait for it to dry completely before doing anything further.  I won't be able to do any painting over the next week, so hitting the pause button on this one.  This is the next project on my list to finish, though, so the suspense won't be too long!


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Ok, I'm back and it's time to finish this guy.  Blocked in the basecoats on the leather and the surcoat.  Added light brown over the parched ground.




Shading and highlights on the leather and surcoat.




Added white highlights on the armour (part of the underpainting process).  More highlights on the leather, surcoat and base.  Added gold trim to leather belts, gloves and scabbards.  Why am I doing the details when I haven't painted the armour at all yet?  I was only able to take a couple of minutes here and there to paint, so I focused on things I could get done fairly quickly. The armour and weapons will be metallic, so it takes longer because the brushes have to be more thoroughly cleaned after each step.  I also redid the wash over the earth on the base. 




Painted in the cross, worked some more on the gold trim.  Worked up the highlights on the base. 






Painted the first coat on the armour and weapons.  Also added shadows and highlights in the cross on the surcoat. 




Applied black wash over all the metal.




Did the next two layers of metallic paint and did an edge highlight with white added into the metallic paint.  Also tidied up the paint on the edge of the base.  It's chestnut brown to enhance the overall dusty look of the figure. 




Added some dead looking static grass to the base and he's done. 





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