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14242: Sokar's Prophet, Cleric and 14081: Netikerti. Mage

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Aziz and Farouk are from RAFM's Call of Cthulhu Miskatonic Expedition to Egypt. 14081 and 14242 are Reaper Nefsokar minis with great attitudes. 

"O Farouk, the coffer was exactly where you said; I have kept my part of the bargain. Are you sure it was wise to remove it from its place?"
"Never fear, Aziz; the English were drunk and foolish with wine; assuredly they did not miss it in the celebration of their 'find!' Take your pay and go in peace."
"It is not the English that concern me, O most learned Farouk! There were writings in the Old Hieratic that seemed to bode ill for those who would trespass upon this sepulcher. The old men. who know such things, tell tales of--" 

"O faithless Aziz! Have you forgotten the precepts of your youth? Immutable are the decrees of Allah; save the Most High wills it, the dead do not walk again! Again I assure you, there is no cause for your trepidation."




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Indeed! Nothing to fear here!

There is no such thing as walking dea.....AAARRRGGHHH!!!


I love it!



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Again, a beautiful job with a great story.  Aziz's stripes are great, but your Nefsokar are really well done.  I love the teeny tiny hieroglyphics!


One presumes that if Farouk and Aziz survive the Nefsokar, that they are planning to meet the merchant and sell him the stolen coffer?  Or are Sallah and Jasmine their prospective clients?

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Ooh, continued story across multiple posts! Let's see, maybe it contains the scarab that awakens the Cave of Wonders! Doubtless the merchant  could sell it...for A KING'S RANSOM!!! 
*sees two implacable figures on the horizon, shimmering in the heat haze*
...A lesser queen's ransom!
*figures get closer, gold glinting from their necks*
...The ransom of an unpopular and politically irrelevant minor prince?
*closer, you can see the tattered bandages waving now*
...Five hundred dirhams and I throw in a jar of pickles and these slippers.
*hot, sandy wind swirls around, barely obscuring the glowing eyes and lipless grins*
...Take it, it is yours, your problem now, business hours are over, a pleasure to serve you!

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Wonderful story telling, and some very cool miniatures to go along with it, keep up the good work!

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