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Jordan Peacock

Rooby-Doo Conversion (50024, 50032, 50199, 50238)

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Okay, so I've been trying to cobble together some ideas for adventures to run at Necronomicon 2018.  For me, the process of kit-bashing the minis and assembling the scenery goes hand-in-hand with writing up my adventures.  I might be inspired to tweak the pre-gen character set based on a figure (e.g., he's got a gun in each hand, so Ambidextrous and Two-Fisted would be ideal Edges for Savage Worlds stats).  I'm also likely to stage the big action in such a way that I actually have supporting terrain -- and I want to have some nice scenery to put out as the "showcase" on the table before the game starts, to potentially interest last-minute types who are milling about and haven't yet signed up for a scenario.

At the thrift store, I found a few Geo-Trax set pieces, including most of a "Grand Central Station" set.  Originally, I grabbed it with the vague idea that I could turn it into some sort of a "monorail station" I could use for a ruined urban area, but the trouble was in trying to find a suitable monorail (or "ruined" portion thereof) that would actually fit in the space provided.  Scale is rather SQUISHY where the GeoTrax toys are concerned (they ARE toys, after all), but enough of the features looked passable for being able to position 32mm miniatures on and about them that I thought I'd give it a shot.

Along the way, I got the idea of trying to run a wild west scenario for Necronomicon, inspired by the work of Karl Keesler on the maps and other details of the "Fort Griffin" supplement from Dog House Rules.  I found an Ertl "Cow Town" play set (or portions thereof -- most of the buildings, at least) and got the idea to paint it up as a "Wild West" town facade ... and then, for my traditional three different RPG scenarios, try to run three different adventures in three different settings that would each have reason to make use of the same "wild west" scenery.  So ... one adventure in the genuine old west (DHR "Fort Griffin" or "Buckshots") ... then one "Ghostbusters" style adventure with paranormal pest-control specialists investigating a haunt at a local "wild west" tourist trap ... and then, hey, Fallout 4 has a "wild-west" theme park at Nuka-World, in the form of "Dry Rock Gulch" (part of the Nuka-World DLC), so why not set an adventure there?  But what exactly to do?  Someone suggested I really ought to run a Scooby-Doo-inspired mystery adventure, but that would be ANOTHER game slot ... so why not mash up Scooby and Fallout together?  I mean, Scooby-Doo is a little late for the usual time period inspiration for Fallout (I haven't seen much "flower power" influence in the Fallout universe), but ... eh, close enough for horseshoes, hand grenades, and one-shot convention RPG scenarios, I figure.


Now, one thing about the Fallout universe is that it tends to treat any pop-culture references by "filing off the serial numbers."  Why, you can't even have real-world brand names in the universe.  (Except for gun manufacturers, for some reason, but I digress.)  So, the big soda brand is Nuka-Cola, for instance, and the big car manufacturer is Chryslus. 


I decided that instead of Scooby, we'd have R00-B, a talking cyberhound.  The Rooby Gang would consist of Ted Bones (standing in for Fred Jones), Stephanie Drake (standing in for Daphne Blake), Wilma Winkley (standing in for Velma Dinkley), and Raggy (standing in for Shaggy).  I dug through my Chronoscope minis, and decided to go with 50032 "Jake Ryan, Hero Explorer" for Ted/Fred, 50238 "Farrah, Sci-Fi Heroine" for Stephanie/Daphne, 50024 "Candy, Anime Heroine" for Wilma/Velma, and 50199 "Denver, Zombie Survivor" for Raggy/Shaggy.

For our titular star, Rooby, I'm still digging through the bits box for some old HorrorClix pieces that might be useful for the cyberhound conversion.  More on that later.


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First off, I need a vehicle.  Likely, it's just going to be a "set piece" as far as the scenario is concerned, just like a typical Scooby episode, but I figured I might as well put some work into it.  This started with a McDonald's Happy Meal "Fillmore" toy from Pixar's Cars -- about 4" long (as with the rest of the Happy Meal toys in this set), and as it worked out, somewhere in the ballpark of 1:48 scale that it at least looks okay next to some miniatures.  I used some epoxy putty to try to smooth out the rear windows so I could paint that area up with the "History Machine" logo.  For whatever reason, the toy was molded with a back door, but no indication whatsoever of any driver or passenger doors -- so I just painted those in, and used a couple of paperclip segments for door handles.  (Yeah, I know, a solid black line isn't very trompe l'oeil, but it seems to fit the overall cartoony look somehow.)

I have a Ziploc bag full of random wheels and plates and other parts leftover from tank model kits that someone gave me a long time ago to use to make junk-terrain bases for his Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard army.  (Ah, I wish I'd had Instant Mold back then!  There's so much I could've done to make that experiment far more practical!)  I dug out a bit that I could use for a rooftop rack, found a pintle-mount for a roof gun, and some jerry cans, rolls, and other containers, plus a spare tire of about the right size to mount up on the front.  (I suppose now I'd better stat that gun, JUST IN CASE some player finds an excuse to go back to the van and start firing it at something in the course of the adventure, or someone gets the crazy idea of trying to take it along.)

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The general idea for the PC group is that it's the "Fallout version of the Scooby Gang."  The trouble is, that gives me 5 members, when the preferred format for Necronomicon RPG scenarios is that I accommodate up to 6 players.  ("Scrappy-Doo?"  "NO!")  Fortunately, someone had the bright idea that I should have "Don Knotts" as the 6th PC.  "Or Jonathan Winters!  Or KISS!"  Or, I could just have a generic "Mystery Special Guest Star" PC.  My rough idea is to have a fairly "everyman" baseline set of stats (no complex abilities -- just a good assortment of basic skills and stats -- and then the player picks a "role" to play, and names one skill and one attribute that should really stand out for that character.  Either the character gets a boost to that trait, or some simple Edge that would get the gist of it.  E.g., play "Ahnold Swarzenuka" and obviously you'd be really strong/brawny.  Play "The King," and you've got a mega Charisma bonus, and we'll take it for granted that you can rock like no one's business without getting too wrapped up with what skills are involved.  Play "Bumfrey Hogart," and we'll say that since you're best known for playing a gumshoe, you get the Investigator Edge -- I'm being sloppy here, so I don't care about the prerequisites.  The line between "this is what skills he'd actually have" and "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV!" is blurry.  Also, I'm not too worried about anachronisms: Fallout 2 had NPCs who were apparent references to persons best known from the 1980s and onward, despite the 1950s/1960s stylistic trappings of the Pre-War world.  The bottom line is really: Would you have fun doing an "impression" of this character?

So, to accommodate that, I'm bringing along a few "generic" figures -- a guy in a trenchcoat (a la the "Mysterious Stranger"), a 1950s-ish lady in a dress -- but also a few oddball minis that are a little more specific (one that's evidently meant as a rip-off of Arnold Schwarzenegger, another mini that looks like an Elvis impersonator, etc.) just in case I've got a player who isn't terribly inspired.  "Here, have a minigun.  You're Arnold Schwarzenegger, only we're calling you Ahnold Schwarzenuka because it's supposed to be funnier that way."



So, we start with "Ted Bones," the nominal leader of the Rooby Gang, as depicted by our star, "Jake Ryan, Hero Explorer" (Reaper Chronoscope #50032).  I only slightly modified the figure by using some epoxy putty to rough out an "ascot tie."  One oddball idea I had was to decorate the bases with some sort of "papercraft" element for each figure that might hearken to either the Fallout universe, or something that might not be entirely out of place there.  Here, I've got a cameo appearance by my favorite cover art from the old Man's Life magazine, "Weasels Tore My Flesh!"  (And then our manly hero is demonstrating the manly art of Beat Them With Their Own Kind, as he hefts a weasel as a floppy bludgeon against its own kin.  Now THERE'S an action hero, right?)

I imagined Ted Bones as a former Vault dweller, and that the blue pants (caked as they are with grime) are actually part of a Vault Suit.  (He's just wearing a white over-shirt and a bandolier/holster, partially covering it up.)  Seeing as the figure is wielding a pistol in each hand, I equipped the character with a pair of N99 10mm semi-auto pistols (double tap for the win!) and gave him the Ambidextrous and Two-Fisted Edges so the player can fire off two shots (one for each hand) without having to worry about multi-action penalties (at least in this case).

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I don't know if its appropriate to mention at this point but Hasslefree does a post apocalyptic not-scooby gang.

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18 minutes ago, Heisler said:

I don't know if its appropriate to mention at this point but Hasslefree does a post apocalyptic not-scooby gang.


Yep, they're pretty fun minis.  Alas, Hasslefree Miniatures are:

1) Pricier than Reaper (especially with the Euro->USD exchange rate).

2) A bit small compared to most of my minis collection I'm using for these games (around 28mm scale vs. the 32-34mm scale of Reaper Chronoscope).

3) Not available at my FLGS, and I have a pretty short prep window between the time I thought of running this, and the convention I'm going to run it for (so getting it via mail order from overseas might be chancy).

4) Not what I already happened to have in my big stash o' Reaper minis.


Meanwhile, here's the next one:


Reaper Chronoscope #50238 "Farrah, Sci-Fi Heroine" here playing the role of "Stephanie Drake" (or, my Fallout version of "Daphne Blake").  Stats-wise, she's the "face" of the group, with the best Charisma bonus, and she also has the "Danger Prone" Hindrance (if ever there's a random choice of which PC gets hit by a trap, attack, monster, or environmental effect, it'll be HER).  Seeing as the mini is hefting both a pistol AND a big ol' automatic of some sort, I had to equip her in kind, so she got the Two-Fisted and Ambidextrous abilities as well, plus "Rock and Roll" so she can fire full-auto and waste ammo without the massive penalties that prevent the typical PC from actually managing to hit anything.  The main modifications to the mini were to use some putty to add the miniskirt and scarf.  I littered the base with an issue of "Coiffe" and another of "Picket Fences" from Fallout 4, as indicative of a Pre-War lifestyle that Stephanie can only aspire to.  In-game (and inspired by a bit of Scooby trivia), I figure she's part of a caravaneer merchant family that's doing well enough that she inherited an atomic-powered van (the History Machine), with which she ostensibly travels abroad to scout out future trade possibilities.  (And, along the way, she runs into MYSTERIES, of course.)

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Reaper Miniatures #50024 "Candy, Anime Heroine," playing the role of "Wilma Winkley" (the "Velma Dinkley" analogue for my Rooby-Doo Mystery Adventure).  I modified the figure with a bit of putty to give her a big, baggy sweater, but left the pleated skirt in place.  I painted orange socks on, but looking at the photo and the minimal contrast between the orange and the flesh tone, I think I'm going to have to go back and use some brown paint to add a visible border to the socks.  For the "glasses," I basically just painted those on rather than trying to manage tiny crumbs of putty (or tiny flecks of blister plastic) to model them otherwise.  (If it looked too horrible, I reserved the right to just re-paint the face, and then go back in with some tweezers to try to simulate the glasses with some tiny pieces of plastic glued into place.)

In the scenario, Wilma is the "brains" of the group (d10 Smarts on a normal scale of d4 to d12 in Savage Worlds), with the Jack-of-all-Trades, Scholar, and Investigator Edges.  Her primary Hindrance is her tendency to lose her glasses -- a lot -- and extreme penalties to Notice (and Shooting!) without them.  With a high-powered laser as her primary weapon of choice, that could make things "interesting" if she slips and falls in the middle of a firefight.


The dropped magazine on this base would be an issue of "True Police Stories," with a full-page ad for Nuka-Cola on the back cover.

Edited by Jordan Peacock
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Okay, and here's the last of the Rooby Gang ... for now.  (I've got some more work at home to do.)


This is Reaper Chronoscope #50199, "Denver, Zombie Survivor," here starring as the comic relief of "Raggy," the easily-frightened fleet-footed beanpole with scavenger instincts and an ability to stomach just about anything for a snack.  I originally painted this mini up for a zombie apocalypse campaign to use as a generic survivor (the campaign had all sorts of opportunities for the PCs to expand their own little band of survivors on the way) but I found renewed use for this particular scenario, since I thought he had the look for it.  I used a little bit of putty to extend his shirt, and removed the roller luggage originally on the figure (luggage with wheels seems a little too modern for the retro look of Scooby-Doo or Fallout), and replaced it with a "bag of Snax" (made from paper, and painted free-hand).  I figured that would better fit his rummaging personality, and make him a natural pair for R00-B once I get the dog modded.


The base texture was accomplished by spreading a thin pancake of putty on a 25mm round MDF laser-cut base, then rolling one of my hobby knife handles over it.  The result makes me think of some of those rubberized "anti-skid" mats that I've seen in a few public places.  I don't know that I've ever seen directional arrows painted/printed on them, but I figured I'd put in an arrow being chopped off by the base edge in order to create the illusion that there's something more to the figure's environment, albeit outside of the range of view of the user.

In the Savage Worlds scenario, this character basically gets the "Thief" package of skills, which I thought would be fitting for a rummager/scavenger.  He's also got a custom Fallout-inspired Edge of "Lead Belly," ensuring that when it comes to scrounging, he needn't be all THAT picky about what he eats or drinks (at least compared to the other PCs).  And of course he has Improved Extraction and Fleet-Foot so he can RUN AWAY when the danger presents itself (and we can have our crazy "being chased in and out of doors in a long stretch-on hallway" sequence).


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This is awesome - I can't wait to see how you do ROO-B

I just had the thought that Wyrmgear without the wings could be a fun ROO-B...

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Working on R00-B:




I started with Reaper Miniatures #77422, "War Dog," which was more of a smash-faced giant mastiff -- but I used wire and putty to extend the muzzle, neck, and legs, as well as to suggest "robo-legs."

For some silly reason, cyberhounds in the Fallout universe have a "brain-in-a-dome" thing going on.  (I privately wonder whether this is the dog's own brain, or whether a Robo-Brain is being stacked on top of the original one, to act as some sort of "co-processor."  I suppose there isn't much ROOM for it, but it would make a little more sense for the weird side-quest involving getting a "new brain" for Rex in "Fallout: New Vegas."  But then, as much as I love "New Vegas," the writers for that plot and the "Old World Blues" DLC seem to have some very, VERY strange ideas about what exactly a brain does, and how in the world you might still maintain your own memories and personality when it is MISSING.  Like ... c'mon!  That's ludicrous even by Late-Late-Night Sci-Fi/Horror Movie standards.  But I digress.)


Anyway, I shaved off part of the top of the head (poor dog!) and painted a brain there, then chopped off a rounded end-cap on a clear plastic sprue to make the "dome."  In retrospect, I think that dome is sitting way too high atop the dog's head.  I might save that one for a separate "robobrain" project, and instead try re-painting the brain, shaving off another end-cap (making it more shallow this time), and then rebuilding it so that the dome doesn't stick out so far.  As it is, it almost looks like he's got a full sphere balanced atop his head, and it might roll off with his brain.  Eww.




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22 minutes ago, Jordan Peacock said:

Anyway, I shaved off part of the top of the head (poor dog!) and painted a brain there, then chopped off a rounded end-cap on a clear plastic sprue to make the "dome."  In retrospect, I think that dome is sitting way too high atop the dog's head.  I might save that one for a separate "robobrain" project, and instead try re-painting the brain, shaving off another end-cap (making it more shallow this time), and then rebuilding it so that the dome doesn't stick out so far.

Okay that explains it.  I thought Rooby had a crystal ball on his head.


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So, here's Reaper Miniatures Bones #77422, "War Dog," again, but I've gone back and re-done the "brain dome" to make it a bit more shallow.  Alas, that got it small enough that it was practically "lose it under your fingernail" small, so I had considerable difficulty getting it into place, let alone doing anything with my half-baked idea of trying to "reverse-sculpt" a brain into the underside of the dome (then paint the interior of the hollow space pink) to try to give the illusion of a brain inside.  As it is, viewed from just about any angle the "dome" ends up refracting enough pink from the painted flat "brain" to (I guess) give the general idea.


I used some "brown stuff" to sculpt a little monogram tag on the front, with an "R" for R00-B instead of "SD."  

Decor consists of some Secret Weapon Miniatures "Tablescapes" terrain boards ("Scrapyard" style), custom-modified with some epoxy putty additions for a little more "retro" and a little less "40K."  (Okay, so maybe 40K IS all sorts of "retro," but just not quite the right flavor.)  I also have a couple of hand-crafted Nuka-Cola machines (made back before I got some far nicer-looking resin and 3D-printed models) lying about for a little more "Fallout branding."

think the resin figure base is from Micro Art Studio.  It's a rather nice one, with a surprising amount of "negative space" that must have made it a challenge to mold and cast properly, so I've been hanging onto it for a while to use it for a SPECIAL mini.  Something as weird as R00-B ought to qualify, I think.  :)


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Okay, the last PC in this group would be the "Mysterious Special Guest Star Cameo."  For this purpose, I intend to have a few "generic" minis on hand, but there are also a few figures in my possession that suspiciously look like certain celebrities ... or COULD look like them, with a bit of a shove.


Among them, I had a spare 80023 Horace "Action" Jackson: I had already painted up "Action Jackson" in the conventional way, AND I also have a Rafm USX Heroes "Action Jackson" that I painted up based on a picture of "Black Dynamite" I found online.  So, I think I'm pretty much covered for Action Jacksons.  I got this random idea to trim down the afro a bit, and...




The integral base is inserted into an inverted Reaper 25mm round base, with a bit of putty for gap-filler.  I used a shaved piece of plastic sprue to make a broken street sign for the base, and cardstock for the sign (brush-painted, as I didn't have a printer handy, and I needed to do both sides); I used a hobby knife to cut a slot into the top of the plastic post so I could insert and super-glue the cardstock street sign in place.


Terrain consists of a Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescapes "Urban Street - Ruined" terrain tile with a bit of washing and dry-brushing (not quite done yet), a Toy Story playset in the background, and the remnant of the Happy Meal toy I used to make Billy Bob's caravan cart in another project.

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