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That's some nice stuff, Glitterwolf. I'm working on a village at times too so would go with that as well. 99% of what I have is armies but with some of the Bones stuff I have I've been thinking about getting more RPG and non military things.


Major update on the castle today. :;): I melted one arrow slit into one of the gate towers. Impressive huh? Looks ok but I made it extra wide so that it showed up better. Will probably do this for all the towers because it looks better than the "stick on" ones I'd made up. 50 cents of foamcore and about 10 minutes work wasted. :rolleyes: I'll take a pic once I do the other ones on that tower.


I may do a printed trap door for the towers because they can be glued on flat. Slight chance I may score it into the tower floor with my versa tool and paint it. So close to finished but haven't taken time to do it yet. 

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Breaking out of the long period of almost nothing hobby related. Finally decided to work on a castle. Spent some time figuring out what dimensions I wanted for a gate house, towers and walls. I'm plan

Thanks for the tip, @malefactus. If we have room in the van tomorrow I'll try to grab some. 3/16" or 1/4" would give me even more options. Right now I'm using 3mm mdf for things about that thickness b

I've watched some of Black Magic Crafts videos. I've done the balled up aluminum on foam core after peeling the paper off. On the insulation foam it doesn't work as well because it's tougher. I have t

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Did a little work on the castle tonight. I need to print out a few trap doors for the towers and want some stairs to get from the courtyard to the walls but otherwise am about finished. Starting to work on some things for the attackers now.






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7 hours ago, Loim said:

I'm glad I found this post. I'm in the process of starting something similar. Do you have any measurements on your sections, gate, etc?


The long walls are 9" long, 2" wide and 4" to the parapet with another 1" of battlement. The shorter ones are 6" long. I'd originally made a couple of the towers shorter but then their battlements touched the ones on the walls and didn't leave any height for doors so I had to add another inch making them 7" to the floor and 4"x4". The big gate towers are 9" to the floor and have a 2" radius half circle added to the 4"x4". I'll have to check the gate size. I can't remember off the top of my head exactly what it was but I think close to 3"x3". Wanted it tall enough and wide enough that mounted figures or ogre/troll sized minis could fit. The wall it's mounted in was made tall enough for the portcullis to raise up without coming out the top so I think 6" to the parapet. 


I did a lot of looking at things with various minis to just see what seemed ok. Had a few miscalculations and accidents but overall am pretty happy with it. Could have been a bit more careful with some of the details but I was mostly trying to finish it as fast as possible. Learned a lot doing it and know I could make a better one easily now. Don't think I will though, at least not any time soon. I may do a couple extra pieces so that I can make a smaller castle out of it. 


Be sure to check out my siege thread here http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84619-the-siege-pic-heavy/ Haven't gotten as much playing in as I'd hoped so we haven't finished yet. I do have more photos to post from the first few turns and I'm making notes for any future sieges we'll do. If there's anything else in particular you want to know just ask.

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For the bigger pieces I used some left over clear window caulking I had. If I remember right it was this.


I planned on trying to use it for water effects too but ran out and haven't bought another tube yet.


For smaller pieces with foam I'm using this a lot.

Image result for lepage glue all

It doesn't eat the foam and glues pretty solid. It takes about an hour to set up but is thick enough that with light foam pieces I haven't had any troubles with them sliding out of place. I tried Elmer's pva in the past and it takes ages to dry when stuck between large pieces of foam as well as letting the pieces slide all over if not clamped. The window caulking stinks a bit so I usually did the big glue jobs in the garage but have used it in the basement as well. The 100% glue is almost odorless.

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40 minutes ago, TGP said:

http://www.lepage.ca/content/dam/uac/lepage/canada/1-3/1-3-1/LePage 100% Glue.pdf


I wonder if this glue is sold in the lower 48....some of the packaging on some of their other glue formulas resembles Loctite® Branded glues. 


Not sure. Which the way multinational companies can be intertangled it's possible. I first saw it here about a year ago and tried it out as a multipurpose glue. I really liked it once I got used to the longer set time. I use it where super glue doesn't seem as good but don't want to break out the 5 minute epoxy.


5 minutes ago, Loim said:

Thanks for the info. Starting my castle build this weekend. I hope you don't mind that I'll be steal...I mean taking lots of inspiration from your build. 


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. There's a bunch of things I'd like to do neater but don't want to redo something this big any time soon. One tip I recently found was for using mdf stencils with a foam cutter. I made one for the battlements which wasn't as good as it could have been and then made a bit worse while actually using it. Wax the edges of the mdf where the hot wire will run. Supposed to help with the snagging and stuttering I was having a bit of difficulty with. Haven't tried it yet but I'm considering making some stencils and guides for doing other buildings.

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