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03811: S'Kara, Female Skoli Warrior by Cyr

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Good work on the eyes and mouth.


****Hhhheeellllooooo :wub: you look evil, I'm a bit evil!!****


*** Wags tail, tilts head, holding a black rose in his mouth***

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I'm embarrased to say that for every part of the face is beautiful, but isn't the right eye pointing a bit too much on the side while the left one looks forward ? :unsure:

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Her right eye is a little bit off to the side. The sculpt also has that eye as larger and rounder. It is slightly annoying, but it is so close to right that I decided to leave it alone. 


I use a modification of the Bette Davis eyes guide https://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/12, with some tips from Derek Schubert and Marike Reimer's guides. If you are just starting eyes, use the Bette Davis guide and worry about the rest later. I have started putting extra steps in to make eyes a little more dynamic. 

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So I was having a grand time wet blending on the skirt... until my wet palette diluted my paint and broke it (even using additives instead of just water). Went suddenly from crazy smooth blends to having white stains at the edge of each brush stroke (which was everywhere on the skirt). I repaired that, and highlighted with some fabric texturing. It is kinda dark dominant, but i think it works alright on her. She has a lot of nooks and crannies which are mostly going to be blue-black and have the goal of "look at other parts". I started base coating her armor. There are spikes on what seem to be leggings. And spikes on the inner legs, not outer. Then shin guards... but no boots. She's barefoot. 




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Those inner leg spikes are clearly for Black Widow style flip-jitsu shenanigans. :poke:

I've got another version of S'kara and painted her up as Our Lady of Thorns.  She's a pointy one. I think she has claws that would just ruin the boots.

Love what you're doing--she looks fabulous!

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So I decided that the thing above the boobplates is a leather jerkin or somesuch. I also decided that it is also red. So I am going to try to do two different reds on her (which is kinda risky, since two different reds in fashion is usually a no-no). I'll see about texturing it somehow, or distinguishing it somehow from the skirt material. At minimum, it will be brighter (starting with midtone instead of dark tone). I think I'm also going to go green-gray with the steel plates, using Coal Black as the shadow hues in general. The figure really is bizarre in many areas. And she has so darn many nooks and crannies, UGH. 


Probably also going to see if she will sell on consignment at the local nerd store when she is done. I'm curious if anything will come of that. 

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What is a “Sköli”..?


Ive heard of dragonkin, and tieflings, and catfolk, ...goat, lizard, and frogmen;  :huh:


Is Sköli someplace in Eberron?

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6 hours ago, TGP said:

What is a “Sköli”..?


Ive heard of dragonkin, and tieflings, and catfolk, ...goat, lizard, and frogmen;  :huh:


Is Sköli someplace in Eberron?


I have no idea. I assume a tiefling alternative. 

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4 hours ago, TGP said:

I googled it. Now wish I had not. :ph34r:


Elfpoo. Now I need to do the same. 


Anyway.... back to this lady and her bizarre attire. I painted her leather underthing. Deep Red again, but with Blackened Brown, Walnut Brown, and Golden Highlight to shade, instead of Nightshade Purple, Blood Red, Brick Red, and Clear Yellow. Then I blocked in all areas I deem to be Plate Armor with Coal Black (I think a faintly blue-green steel will look cool - and looking cool is more important than realism on her). I think I am going to thinly stripe and spot areas of highlights for opinions on how to plan NMMing. However, she has a few doodads that will need to be painted first since she is a rather cramped figure. 



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    • By Corporea
      I wasn't sure if I should post this in Show off or WIP, but I figured here and if you would please forgive the in progress parts in the subsequent post.
      Ron let me paint this lovely sculpt by Gene Van Horne.  Actually, I think I might have begged to paint it and considered stealing it from his office if he refused.   She'll be in the Greek Odyssey Expansion for Bones V.  If by some miracle you have come to this forum and not heard of Bones V, it can be found here.  Aaron Lovejoy was awesome and took some high definition photos of her after last Reapercon.  

      I really love this sculpt, can't say that enough.  She's got some fantastic detail, lots of good open space to work on blending or freehand, even a scenic base to play with stone effects.  While I loved the original Yephima by Patrick Keith, and still use her in my classes, this one really screams warrior to me.  I need to paint my bones version when I get it as Athena. I'll have to add a shield somewhere, though. Maybe convert the club to a spear.  Decisions decisions.
      Anyway, feel free to ask questions.  I'm happy to explain or help with anything!  I'm going to post the WIP pictures I have in another post, so hopefully those will also be useful.  Enjoy!
    • By Corporea
      ... The larch?
      Heh. No, but I want to try something very different from my preferred style in order to branch out and try new things.  I recently watched Coco (um... several times) and took a liking to the alebrijes, especially Pepita.  I really want Reaper to make a Pepita.  So this is my way of showing how fun it could be!
      The plan: A chibi lion with patterns like the traditional Oaxacan Alebrijes.  This means fun bright colors and an attempt at making a piece look like wooden folk art. It can be done!
      First step, research.
      ...and my personal favorite:

      Perfect!  I wanted to practice red anyway.  I ended up choosing red shadow, dragon red, big top red, seoni scarlet, volcanic orange, marigold yellow and sun yellow as my colors.
      Second step is to pick a mini.

      I supported Impact's kickstarter quite awhile ago and almost forgot I had this fellow.  It's the Venetian Lion.
      I set forth in an effort to prep the mini.  

      Um... it took a lot of prep. I decided to go ahead and attach one wing at the risk of making the body harder to paint.  I sanded for about half a day then filled in all the bubbles and sculpted one set of claws.  Er, I'm hoping their QC has improved since the kickstarter, because this piece took almost a day to prep.  Oddly, I think the 3D print went into the mold un-sanded and with texture, because the large surfaces had a texturing I associate with those prints.  It took several layers of sealer to smooth.
      But, I finally got him primed.  Isn't he cute! 

      Next, I basecoated with red shadow.  why red shadow, you ask?  Because red is awful at coverage because of its translucency.  So, basecoat with a red brown. This will save you frustration down the road.

      Next, layer with dragon red. Leave a few areas of the red shadow as deepest shadows.  Here's where I had to decided to commit to the wooden/statue route, because a real lion would have a darker back and a pale belly, whereas a figure in top-down light would be the opposite.

      Still not red?  Never fear!  Also, put a lot of layers of each step.  Lots and lots of layers. Next step big top red.

      Next, seoni scarlet.  I like this color.  It's super intense.  Very shiny.  Except it's matte, but you know what I mean.

      Boom! Now we're in the red zone.
      Now, I need eyes.  A miniature is lifeless until we add eyes.  I like doing them early because they often help guide the rest of the project.

      I basecoated the eyes with marigold yellow.  Then shaded the edges with volcanic orange.

      Then I added some sun yellow to the center.  Even a chibi eye can afford some shading, otherwise the socket looks too flat.

      After that, I drew in the iris shape.

      I used red shadow and added a pupil of nightshade purple.

      When I was happy with the shape and balance, I filled in the eye with some terra nova tundra and more of the yellows.

      Excellent!  I also mixed a bit of linen white into the yellow just at the edge of the iris ring.  Here's a front view:

      Last step in eyes if adding the white reflection.  I used pure white for contrast.

      So he's sort of a demonic cute lion.  It could work, right?
      Then I wanted to try out wing patterns.  For the last 3 days I've been wanting to get to the fun part, so I forged ahead and rushed to this step. As it turns out, that was an error, but it worked out in the end.  I think.

      Ok, the key to freehand is breaking down a pattern into something simple.  I started with circles.

      Filled in the circles and added some teardrop lines.

      added some more lines.

      and on and on...

      Until I felt like I was getting closer to pattern.  It was then I realized the wing looked way to flat and dull. I needed more shading.  What I should have done was make the feather lighter near the origin to add more contrast. So I glazed over the pattern.  I'll just have to pick it back up again after I'm done with the shading.

      Here's the wing with the shading.  I'll touch it up a bunch, then rework the pattern.  But I think I like it better with the change in contrast.  We'll see. I can always paint over it.  Sigh.  That will teach me to skip to the fun stuff.
      More later!  As always, feel free to ask questions!
    • By BellTower
      Another Bones 4 elf. Painted her pale and edgy, perfect for the moody lone wolf PC in the party.

    • By BellTower
      A very fun paint job, working on 2 types of NMM for the weapons and armour.

      The NMM is a bit rough up close, but I'm happy enough with it when views from a distance. The free hand also came out pretty well. This is probably the most complex free hand I've done.
      Still some basing to do and could probably improve my blendingg but overall super happy with the result.
    • By Darcstaar
      I love this model.  Even with her slightly too-long sword hilt and bendy sword.  I straightened it, but it has slowly bent again.
      This is a figure to represent a female paladin of Sarenrae for our Pathfinder Reign of Winter campaign: a redhead whose favorite color is green.  That is why she is on a snow base.
      I wanted to spend a lot of time on her, and am very happy with the blending on the gray NMM.  It took about 3 rounds of painting transitions then glazing over the lines to smooth everything out.
      I tried a little weathering to the leather scabbards and belt to make them look scratched from adventuring use. 
      This was also the first time I tried giving a female figure makeup: blush, eye shadow, and lipstick.  I'm not sure how good that came out, I'll let you all tell me.
      The sword blade was the least successful part.  It just didn't want to cooperate, which is due in part to the softer details on the casting.
      I hope you like her as much as I do.  C&C Welcome.

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