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I ran a Paint and Take at my FLGS


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I ran a paint and take at a local convention. Had no idea how it would turn out. Ended up with about 25-30 people. I lost count after 18. Every seat full at points. The con chair liked it too. Next year I get more tables and more space. I did donate all the paint, brushes and everything. Wound up with a significant fraction of a paint set after last year's ReaperCon auction. 


Congratulations on putting the work in to introduce all the new people to our addiction hobby. I'm so glad you had fun. 

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6 hours ago, paintybeard said:

Lowly: You generously donated the figures, did you also provide the paint and brushes etc.?


While most of the minis made available were mine, the store donated some 40K and Age of Sigmar minis that GW had sent to them.  Funnily enough the only non Reaper minis that ended up being painted were a Kroot that I had dug up and a WW2 US soldier that was chosen because the kid like the WW2 Call of Duty game.


Yeah, I found a pack of 60 brushes of 3 suitable sizes on Amazon.  Since I have mostly Reaper paint, I could donate paint one drop at a time without worrying about spills, etc.


2 hours ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

Did you let them know they could still get twenty of their own miniatures till the 3rd of September?


This slipped my mind entirely since I'm trying to not take another look before the PM closes.  I didn't even really make a point of the minis that the store had on the shelves.  Those are mostly GW and the Wizkids pre-primed minis. 

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Like sand through the hourglass such are the days of our lives.  Right up until covid takes a hammer to said glass.  


The FLGS that used to host these closed and even though a new one slightly further away opened it really hasn't seemed like a good time for a public event like this for a while.   However I've done another paint and take!





The pics really don't do these justice.  Well except for the mold lines I managed to leave on the ghast.  Those are in focus, at least.

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2 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Don't forget to keep some yoghurt lids for some disposable pallets.

Good idea.  I've got a ton of lids from plastic containers.  I used to use plastic cocktail plates from the dollar store, 8/$1, and two packs would usually be enough. 


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