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I ran a Paint and Take at my FLGS


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Again with the Paint n Takes!


This time I had all 9 lamps being used at one time so I think in total there were 11 or so attendees which might be a record for me.



Some fist time paint jobs knight was known as Sir knight of the order of reluctance since the third friend wasn't that enthusiastic about painting.  

Hellhound was painted by a patient 6 year old girl.



Some returning painters


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You know, I did a "Paint Club" at my FLGS this past Saturday with some of the forum/discord folks, and after they left, I had a kid come and join me, and I let him have a couple of my minis. I might start a Paint and Take while I'm at it. The kid had fun. Not the best painter, but it entertained him for a while. HAHA. 


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Go for it @PammyD2!


I'm looking to get some new brushes for this but last few times I've been in Hobby Lobby they didn't have the packs of single sized round taklon brushes that I sometimes used when I didn't want to use a nice brush for washes or whatever.  And even Amazon seems to have mostly variety packs or huge "classroom" packs.   I kind of need something inexpensive but not a cheap an nasty as the ones I originally bought.  Any leads?

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18 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

You can sometimes find a good deal on aliexpress if you search for 10pack paint brushes

Don’t know how cheap you are looking for, but Dick Blick has economy acrylic brushes foe under $1 each. Price drops in larger quantities. 

Search: Blick Economy Camel Hair Brush - Round, Short Handle, Size 1

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