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Board Game Tables - Jasper - 9/10


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About two years ago, we launched "The Duchess", the world's first budget board game table.

It was a huge project, with some hurdles along the way, that ended with almost 4,000 people playing games on their very own board game table.

We learned a lot from The Duchess. We learned that the main idea of the table was fantastic. We also learned that there were about a million (ok, maybe 20 or 30) small things we could change that would make the table better.

The Jasper is the result of all those learnings. It will be coming to Kickstarter on September 10. Just 12 days from now.

There are a lot of things to talk about with The Jasper, but today I want to talk about the biggest change: The Jasper will be made in the USA.

They will be made at the same facility that makes our high quality custom tables (using different processes to keep the price down, of course). This will let us keep a super close eye on quality control and respond quickly if anything needs changed.

Since this is our sequel, we want to make sure everything is perfect. We know a lot more now. And The Jasper is much, much, much further along than The Duchess was when we started its Kickstarter. We have already been through 4 prototypes, and those tables have all been used at game weekends. We have the production line built out and are in the midst of a 200 test production run to iron out the kinks so that we can run at full speed once the Kickstarter is over. 

We had a prototype of The Jasper with us at Gen Con and everyone loved it.

The Jasper will cost $599, and you will have the option to add a dining topper.

We wanted to give you a heads up as to what is coming. Stay tuned for more information on Sept 10.

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This went live today. I'm a happy owner of the previous Kickstarter table they did, the Duchess. It looks like they learned a lot of lessons and hopefully this one will be a lot smoother for everyone. But I will say they had excellent customer service and the team is great!

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