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Forgotten World by Fireforge Games


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Im looking forward to this one. Starts Sept 20. Already cleared it with the wife.


Hoping to get the early bird 8 box deal.

1 hour ago, pinkymadigan said:

Anyone have experience with Fireforge? The humans look overly modular to me (but cool), but the Undead line looks great!


I have a box of there Mongols. Nice minis. These are supposed to be larger and more in scale with other fantasy lines. I am in for the humans. I think they look pretty cool. Gonna get 6 boxes of Warriors and 2 cavalry. If the Rabble unlock, I will get 2 or 3 of those as well.

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31 minutes ago, Smokestack said:


But who will fight for you in the afterlife?

So far 2 halfpainted 1 unpainted Warhammer armies and 2 halfpainted 2+ unpainted Kings of War armies.


Plus hundreds(thousands?) of mostly unpainted minis.


And yes, I’ll be taking them all with me so I think I should be good.


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11 hours ago, JoeGKushner said:

Games Workshop had a great 'in story' reason with Malign Portents to update their zombies and take back what Mantic yanked hard from them.


Instead, they renamed the old plastic set.


I'm looking forward to seeing this Kickstarter and hope I have the funds to support it.

Probably just a strategic decision to bandaid the old kit into the new line. They'll never compete on the quality for price that the Mantic kit has, so they might as well keep doing the super-modular thing, which they do well enough, even if I detest the upper body that has the shirt tied on like a cape. Just a weird aesthetic for a fantasy zombie.

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