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As I read the latest update, the issue is not shipping prices ... but running out of money.  And whatever monies are remaining are frozen in order to pay a tax bill ... which is, I intuit, a bill claiming more than the frozen remaining monies.  In addition, staffing issue are mentioned ... which, I intuit, may mean that no monies are available to pay staff.  These issues have led to the possibility of bankruptcy.  Finally, threats by backers to take legal action might result in the company being "seized" (whatever the UK process is?) by HM Revenue & Customs (in the US, the IRS) ... which would be the fault of anyone taking legal action against the creator.  


And other revenues to address these issues may or may not be generated by a past "industry".


Note that we haven't gotten to postage at all.

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...We discussed in the last update about returning to our previous industry to raise funds to finish and deliver your pledges. We own two large cnc machines and a laser cutter that we plan to run. This type of work is perfect because the machines do most of the work with very little labour so our man power can be concentrated on finishing the models. This has started off really well with a large contract for one of the cnc machines machining motorsport parts and we are currently marketing for work for the other.


We are also producing other products for gaming which we will sell through our online store, ebay & etsy, which include dice boxes similar to our Dragon Realms Kickstarter boxes. Again, the machines do most of the work with little labour.




So the main thing now is to push to raise the funds we require and we will get back to manufacture as soon as possible. We will keep you updated with our progress on a regular basis.



So, I conclude, from this, that money is still the issue.  And, specifically, that the minis themselves have not, at all or in part, been produced.  But that, at some time in the future, the creator is hopeful that production of minis will commence.  Also, income from another business will hopefully be sufficient to satisfy the campaign's promises.

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