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Hmm , ok seem like somebody did not appreciate my elves girls having some exposed breast...so my wip and show off post vanished in thin air xD...well 


Posting back, and linking only the one that do not have cover...





I do believe those one are fine....with nudity xD..


and linked one below








Well hopefully nobody will be hurt looking at those :D...

To the person that assigned me a warning for nudity violation..., a simple PM asking me to remove the offensive one would have being nice approach rather to have all my post containing those girls deleted..and they were in that state quite a bot in the WIP post without issue ..so part of what I did not really care about that when posting in show off !


Well cheers guys and girls !


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Nice work! I like your skin color and that base rocks. :winkthumbs:


I know having to link posts showing partially nude ladies seems strange on a site that sells them, but that's been the rule for as long as I've been here. They go about it in a fair way by doing it for their own figures as well. Sometimes things slip past. It isn't personal. The mods here are really cool. They have to post links for nudity, too. 

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