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Hobby Goals go! Mine are below...




Olde Stuff

--Next VPRG I'm starting is likely Dragon Quest 11.

--Gonna start Nativity Set soon.

--Can't find the $#@@ Monks.

--Spring Exchange Minis are also in que for soon.

--Thinking about getting Translated Repro Cart of Secret of Mana 2 or a Shin Megumi Tensei SNES Game for next of these.


New Stuff

--Starting a Catlady Mini for a friend

--deciding on BoGW Group Paint Mini options.



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Top Posters In This Topic

I’m now in the 19 day countdown to produce the Dr Who diorama promised to my long suffering spouse. The paint has arrived, basing stuff has been arranged, figures have arrived from halfway around the world. The latest obstacle, the weather, seems to have settled enough that I ought to be able to start priming. 


In short, I’m out of easy excuses and need to get started.

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Going to track my September projects, because I have done very little this year (although I did really crack into Adeptus when it came out last month).  A couple projects are missing, and a few are listed twice on the board. I'll just post an updated and corrected one later in the month. Anyway, I'm tracking pretty much anything I do - assemble, prime, paint, base, whatever, in terms of time, rather than completed minis, because that's gotten too depressing.  And, I did cheat - I recorded the time I spent last night. I don’t have a problem.....



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Now that things are cooling down, it's a LOT easier to actually sit down and paint...  That and my paints don't have the annoying habit of drying out halfway through being used in the wells of my dry palette...


Old goals:

- Finish the sculpting on Wyrmgear

- Continue working on Reaver of Kargir.  Bonus: Finish this mini

- Continue working on Tanith.  Bonus: Finish this mini

- Continue working on my Skaven Warlord.

- Swap one squad in my Skaven army over to my new rolled bases

- Assemble one squad of Skaven Night Runners


New goals:

- Set up and learn how to use wet palette (and of course finding a spot to put it o_O)

- Get back into habit of painting/hobbying every day, even if it's just twenty or thirty minutes, cleaning mold lines on minis, or assembling minis

- Assemble Wyrmgear, and get him slathered up in Grey Liner (aka primed)!

- Fill gaps in my Minotaur Demon Lord, and then prime him with quite possibly Brown Liner

- Technically a new goal since I haven't set it for a while: Resume work on Ebonwrath, my rainbow dragon challenge dragon.

- Work out basic colour plans for my Skaven Poison Wind Globadiers

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On 8/4/2018 at 7:26 AM, SparrowMarie said:



  Reveal hidden contents


Stages of Completion:

  1. Marth is currently my number one WIP it is due by August 19th if I want to enter this contest (I really, really do.)
  2. Frost Giant Queen is in flux as to when it is do since it will be a giveaway on IG once I hit 1K followers (which is creeping up on me.)
  3. Beastman...I should do him today because he is needed tomorrow (8/5/18).
  4. Ma'al is currently a WIP. Probably won't need him until 2020 now depending on tomorrow's conversation at Husband's D&D game goes.
  5. Mini Ma'al is also WIP. Currently anticipating needing it by Christmas.
  6. Brand is a WIP. Only needs a little more to go but might not need him for a while.
  7. Kassandra of the Blade I have not started. Need her by September 10th, maybe?
  8. SoB Wave 2... I've painted 2 of the roughly 140 minis there are. I hope to cut this down a lot during Minivember.
  9. Isabeau Laroche. Have not started, no needed date as she's just a fun project.
  10. Shub-Niggurath. Haven't started yet but feel I may need it sooner than expected.



Progress updates:

  • Need to finish Marth (sadly he did not make it to the competition but neither did I so that worked out?)
  • Frost Giant Queen needs to be started, I'd like to enter her in Reaper's Giant FB contest due on Halloween.
  • Beastman, this turned out to not be needed but it is needed next Sunday (9/9/18)
  • Ma'al is on the shelf for now.
  • Mini Ma'al also on the shelf.
  • Brand is still WIP.
  • Kassandra is on the shelf.
  • SoB wave 2 painting has been pushed to November since I think I can get it all done during Minivember. (Or other thing that I'm planning if it pans out before October 1st.)
  • Isabeau is on the shelf.
  • Shubby is also on the shelf.

So lots of shelved things from last month but I have rough timelines for when I need some things. Most of the larger shelved things will probably be there for a while along side my 3 fire giants I need to finish. 


NEW PROJECTS (Things I want to start that aren't listed above):

  • October Advent Calendar, this is for next year but if I can get it done before October starts I'll do a new thing this year instead of Minivember.


  • Finish Marth
  • Start FrGQ
  • Finish Brand
  • Decide between Minivember or new thing this year.
  • Start Advent Calendar
  • Purchase an Angel of Shadows for Reaper's quarterly painting contest of FB.


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On 9/1/2018 at 7:13 AM, Cyradis said:

My Goal: Actually paint regularly. Get more on a schedule. Sell a figure to justify buying so many minis. 


I can get aboard with that!


As for now


  • Keep working on La Charra Bust ( finishing her will probably take a few months)
  • Keep working on Jungle Terrain ( also will take a long time)
  • Start and finish a mini for my Nippon Land of the Rising Moon Project ( Oni, Undead Samurai, Asian Style Mini)
  • Start and finish a mini for my Lost World project.
  • Start and finish an Undead mini.
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I'm finally through with ridiculous crunch time at work, just in time to start getting ready to move...:blink:


However, I hope to get a few things painted this month:


Hero Forge samples (2)

Some 1/72 scale stands for my portable fantasy campaign; I have 6 left from my August business trip that don't evenly make a stand, so I have primed the rest of those stands.

A Burrows and Badgers figure or two?


That's probably already more than will really happen...

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Carryover from August - finish stripping and repainting the two ice dragon hatchlings.


Continuing goal - next team for the commission I'm working on.  Possibly Roller Derby girls or Goths.


Dragons - next up is an old Ral Partha wyvern that I started basing over the weekend.  I would also like to get back to the Citadel dragon I had problems with in July.  My friend Chaoswarlord pinned the broken horn on him for me today.  I am letting it dry overnight, and then will need to do some ApoxieSculp-ing to fill in the gap.Hopefully I will get him done by the end of September.

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  1. Paint character minis for my local D&D group.
  2. Paint a Dragon for my sister
  3. Finish painting another Bear's Head figure
  4. Start a mini for the competition at next year's Reapercon  (Well I started one)
  5. Paint this month's Mithril miniature AND finish last month's figure.



My 2018 hobby goals include:

  • Running a Dark Conspiracy RPG for my gaming group
  • Running a Frostgrave/Ghost Arch game at Reapercon in September (I sort of did this. I played, but it wasn't on the schedule)
  • Painting the 10 miniatures from the hasslefree kickstarter
  • Painting the 6 miniatures from the Going Native kickstarter
  • Painting the 5 miniatures from the Bear's Head kickstarter (on track with three)
  • Continue painting the Monthly Mithril Miniatures (on track with nine)
  • Reduce and limit the WIP box (formerly the shelf o' shame) to 6 figures. It currently sits at  >12 
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My board idea (so far) appears to be working.  I go to the basement, start a timer, and just work for a bit.  Record the time when I am done, and now, with a few days results, I can at least see how much time I am getting in (and where, but that's much less important at the moment), and even on the days where nothing got "done" (meaning no real visible progress), I can still look at the board and know that I am still getting something done.

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Concept /place order for Mini Exchange 


River Widow faction figure 

Goldar - (skin class) 

Greenstuff Bones Conversions:  (mashup class) 

- Flying Bear 

- Dragon Wyrm 

- Cthulu Drake (maybe) this one has large holes and needs lots of texture.


Dwarf jester 

Dwarf Female Cleric

2 from bones 3 core. 


other stuff? 

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