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Cone Killer Dragon Diorama


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New Legacy Vault campaign will start soon

Hello everyone!  

At last, the new summer 2018 Legacy Vault campaign is ready to go: our Cone Killer (here the campaign preview) diorama will be at the starting blocks from September 4th, and its protagonist will be a dragon dealing with an ice cream. It should be pointed out that, unlike what has happened previously, all models are already done, as you can clearly see in the pictures, so shipping delays will definitely not be an issue this time :D  


If the collector in you is enticed by these definitely unique and colorful models, follow the campaign and participate in it: just be quick about it, since this time the production run will be even more limited – only 30 copies of the Bust and only 100 of the diorama will be made!  

I want that bust...
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They have a contest on their facebook page, if you are the closest guess to the actual ks price for the diorama (everything but the bust) you will win one. If the guesses are accurate, this might be out of my price range, but it's a fun idea and well executed.

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