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Not obvious from the pictures, but the tiles store *flat*, much like the Tablescapes tiles, but moreso, since most tiles are 2x2.


btw, The Portal insert add-on is the most compatible with DF. Just swap a DF floor tile with a Rampage portal tile!



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Hi C First thanks for posting on the Reaper forums!   We are working with a local Injection mold tooling and molding company called ProtoQuick. Ken Stall and his team have 20 plus years

Correct they are not exactly the same, but they work together on the same table just fine. If you jump on Instagram and look up Inkdmage, he has posted photos of his builds using DF and our prototypes

Ink's instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inkdmage/?hl=en   I believe if you use the Rampage walls with the DF floor tiles, you should have compatible results, although the walls will be "f

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New update with pics of one type of floors. Another type of floors next, then walls, then shipping in December is the plan.

I don't even remember what I ordered. With the various potential disruptions going forward, looks like they were smart to get a machine to be able to do things in house.

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So this is going to be fulfilling internationally soon. I got a refund because my fridge broke and... well I don't need any of this anymore. In the meantime since this was supposed to deliver I got sufficiently competent in building my own terrain and I don't want to deal with the hassle trying to resell unopened stuff here after the hassle of getting a delivery with no porch.

Anyway, they were gracious to give me a refund, however, I got significantly less back than the 80% I was expecting. More like 49.5% (59US of 120$ spent including pledge manager. ) While I intend to reach out to clarify , it has definitely put a damper on my opinion of the company . I effectively got my original pledge back, but not additional funds from the pledge manager. I definitely feel I could have gotten more locally.

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Sorry to hear that. California's been hit hard by CoVid, resulting in all sorts of disruptions for small companies. Hope it gets taken care of soon!

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I have the smallest Ghoul pledge, and picked up the 2' x 2' Loke Battle Board, which has a dungeon on one side, and wilderness on the other. I played around with "negative space" to make corridors from the Battle Board, and sub-assemblies of the Rampage tiles. You can see how I took the five sub-assemblies in the first picture to make three rooms in the second. Since the sub-assemblies were clipped together, I only had to slide the sections on the Battle Board, rather than reposition and move any individual game pieces. Just for completeness, I set up a wilderness encounter at a inn or something, and was able to make two good-sized "buildings" from the pledge. 


So, while you're not going to make an entire dungeon with this pledge, it looks like enough for basic rooms for an encounter with a battle board or game mat. Partial assembly beforehand will save time before setup. I use Good Earth Tea herbal tea boxes to store sub-assembly of the pieces, such as two floor tiles clipped together. 




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