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So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?


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Went to bed yesterday, literally dreaming of my painted minis already on their finished bases. Curiously in the GW high contrast paint style. And these weren't even minis I owned, nor recognized. Are those dark elves Blood Bowl minis (exaggerated facial features, mohawks, seem to be running)? How the hell did those pop into my dream (I played dwarves)?! 


Any way, managed to sleep properly. Woke up without any trouble (my usual wake up time anyway). Drove to the airport without any hitch. Checked luggage, flight on time, no major issues.


P.S. @Ludo shiny rocks make airport scanning machines go BEEP! But I got to keep them on the Canadian side of the border. What the TSA thinks of it I'll only find out on arrival.


Currently in Montreal layover waiting for connecting flight. And I'm enjoying the Maple Leaf lounge thanks to my air rewards. Free food and beverages is appreciated. The espresso machine works! Wow, even free beer on tap (though I prefer sobriety at this time of day).


Hmm, two more hours of waiting and my last flight already has a 10 minute delay. Revised arrival time is 5:29 pm.

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11 hours ago, OneBoot said:

*sudden realization*




Also my purple kitty hat. 


...Maybe I could sculpt and paint a rock? :unsure: I could paint it real shiny too. 



--OneBoot :D 


I could bring a rock for you to :unsure: paint?

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@Cranky Dog  re: rocks


You should already be through customs to get to the side of airport for your connecting US flight.  No TSA on arrival, free to go.  If you had any problems you wouldn't get through that check.  If you do get through then you're allowed into US no problems.  

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