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4 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

Shush. Keep it down!

If the guys at the office hears about it, they'll expect me to bring a cake.





Isn't that backwards? They're supposed to get you the cake! Happy birthday! :bday:

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Maybe it's a bit backwards, but then aain, I work in IT, we dont do anything the normal way...


Also, no one can claim to be unhappy about the cake they get...   

Not that we're particular about what kind of cake is acceptable. 

A cake picked up at the local grocery store is OK. Something fresh from a local bakery or a cake made from a '1 - 2 - 3' mix and pour into a pan type is OK, too. 

But the best is of course leftovers from a birthday party. 

(That may mean part of  2 or 3 different cakes... )

We like cake...   


So far today...

My parents gave me some sort of animal horn that has been adapted into a musical instrument(from Israel), I've ordered a new 43" TV(The old one died last weekend... ) and I've just had some canned fruit with vanilla ice cream. 

Now it's time for tea, salted potato chips and the Avengers: Infinity War DVD.



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