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Chris' Terrain Crate Painting

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    I bought into the recent Terrain Crate Kickstarter; getting the Dungeon Crate, and the Battlefield Crate, along with the Dark Lord's Tower set.  My Terrain Crate shipment arrived in the early Summer, and I immediately painted two of the large tents that came with the "Campsite" portion of the Battlefield Crate to use in a game I did at Historicon.  Recently, I've been painting some of the "Abandoned Mine" stuff from the Dungeon Crate, as I am preparing for a game a friend and I are doing at Fall-In using our Tablescapes Dungeon Mines sets.    


I thought I'd start a thread to chronicle the pieces I paint, to help me keep track, and to help keep me motivated to keep plowing through.  There's a lot of pieces!   I hope to use a bunch of it in my Fall-In game, so have some motivation there as well.



Big Tents:



The Terrain Crate stuff goes great with the Tablescapes Dungeon Mines sets.





Tool Racks:


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6 hours ago, Zink said:

Nice work. I partially painted one of the small tents right after I got my Terrain Crate stuff. Then I packed it all away for later.



   It’s such an intimidating amount of little fiddly bits, if I was to pack mine away, I don’t  know if I’d ever get it out again!  Luckily my gaming interests keep giving me reason to paint small amounts of it. 



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Yesterday and today I worked on a bunch of the traps, and some small ore piles.  


The traps are from the Dungeon Crate Bonus Add-Ons, and from the Dark Lord's Tower set.   The small ore piles are from the abandoned Mine portion of the Dungeon Crate.





I glued the ore piles to some 7/8" inch washers, and sprinkled a little sand around the edges of the glue to help make them look more natural.


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I had some time today to photograph a few more of the Terrain Crate pieces I've painted over the last couple of weeks.


Here is the portal from the Dark Lord's Tower set. It's glued to a 2"x2" steel base.



And the Boulder Trap from the same set.



Bear Traps from the Dungeon and Dark Lord's Tower sets.



Trap Doors from the Dungeon and Dark Lord's Tower set.



Pickaxe from the Dungeon "Mines" set, and the pull level from the Dark Lord's Tower. Both glued to fender washers.fullsizeoutput_3cf3.jpeg

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Well, it's about time to dust the cobwebs off this thread.  I just bought into Mantic's new Terrain Crate 2 Kickstarter, so I thought I better get myself in gear and get back to painting what I already have from the first Kickstarter.   


So this past week I've been working on a bunch of the barricade and ruins pieces from the Dungeon and Battlefield Crates.  I also did the fences and a sign post from the Battlefield crate.


(Reaper Barbarian figure for scale)








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16 hours ago, Rigel said:

You've got a particular talent for weathered paint, and those barricades/rubble piles are exemplary! Any tips and words of wisdom re: drybrushing and stippling to get that effect? 


8 hours ago, Talae said:

What paint recipe for those fences? They look great! (As does everything else)



Thanks for the kind remarks!   

   For the weathered paint, I finish painting the wood first; and then use a combination of stippling/splotching with the end of an old, splayed, detail brush to apply the "paint".  Since wear usually occurs along edges of stuff, I try to work form the middle of each piece of wood outwards, applying less as I go.  After the "paint" paint is applied, I give a final drybrush  with a light cream color (see below).


For the fences, and all the weathered wood, this is what I usually do:


Below are some of the Terrain Crate crates, primed with a flat dark brown spray paint. The first one is the original base coat spray paint.  The second had been drybrushed with Americana "Mississippi Mud", and third with Ceramcoat "Territorial Beige"



Here, I have gone ahead and drybrushed the first one with the Territorial Beige as well, and then applied a coat of Citadel "Agrax Earthshade" wash to the third one to change it's appearance a little.  When everything was dry, I gave all three a dry brush with Folk Art "Barn Wood".



Lastly, I give a light drybrush with Americana "Bleached Sand".  If this was the barricades with the old paint on them, I would have applied the old paint before this step).



Here's the paint:



And some color swatches.




i hope that helps.  

For the fences, it was the "Mississippi Mud" base with a wash of the "Agrax Earthshade".



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