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Tango vrs Cherokee


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Again thanks Stuart for hosting these, and a dude named James for bringing his digicam over to my brother's house during our game.




















Tomahawk Chief Gabriel Espanosa displayed his overhead projection in his HUD, his CAV section, 2 Redhawk Bravos and a Samurai variant Regent held a 3 man front, with a Strike Regent supporting from behind. The 1st Ranger Group CAV RECON element, a Talon, 2 Pumas and a Raptor, shifted foreword to screen the front from the attacking Cherokee Wolf CAVs, an identical element led by Tomahawk Chief Jason Avery Carlton.


Cherokee had restructured their CAV detachments to the same formation as Tango, although their Recon elements were still attached to CHST, So Chief Carlton had his assault team from Cherokee Wolf 2nd Tomahawk, and Recon from CHST. They were tasked to prevent a breakthrough of Tango and hold a small complex from being overrun.


Upon first contact, Cherokee released a barrage of indirect fire from both the lead Samurai and Strike Regent; the Tango CAVs however scurried under the barrage causing it to drift safely overhead. Chief Carlton had his Samurai positioned near a defensive bunker system, which provided his Samurai with adequate cover, but a quick advance from Tango had him taking fire from both a Redhawk Bravo and Chief Espanosa's Samurai.


The Cherokee Recon section screamed past Chief Carlton's Samurai, in a dizzying dogfight with the Tango Recon CAVs, to jockey for position. They had covered a flanking action by one of the Cherokee Redhawks bounding around an emplacement and flushing out a Tango Puma that had taken cover there. The Tango Puma crew couldn't hold out against the Cherokee Redhawk, and Talon, which overtook that position. Chief Espanosa got a little nervous when he noticed his puma couldn't hold the position around the emplacement and was ducking suppression fire to fall back behind a Tango Redhawk. Eventually the Cherokee Talon caught up with it before it could repair, and finished her off.


The aggressive tactics of Chief Carlton and his troops surprised Chief Espanosa, quickly he toggled his HUD to command overhead to read the positions they were taking. "Oh my" He gasped, " they're running a single point blitz." It was just then when the Cherokee CAV Recon penetrated Tango's screen, and focused on Chief Espanosa's Samurai. "Woah!" he scrambled to make the correct adjustments, but two Cherokee Pumas and the Talon suddenly flanked him.


They peppered Chief Espanosa's Samurai with LBG fire causing light damage, but managed to suppress his movements; the Tango Samurai scurried back a bit to regroup and initiate repairs if possible. "OK, lets get hectic!" Chief Espanosa thought to himself, He remembered how Principle War Chief Cruz would go on in his lectures about the fluidity in combat, and the redirection of energy. OK, lets try it; he figured it would be a slim chance that they would survive the task they were handed, but one of the Tango Pumas and the Talon sped behind the defensive bunker system where Chief Carlton's Samurai was tucked away.


Their hopes were to open a blitz into opposite flank where Carlton had overrun Tango, and possibly deflect some of that energy towards their flank. Chief Carlton took notice to the two light CAVs making a break for his position " They can't be allowed to get into the complex" he thought to himself. "They could raise a lot of havoc in the rear with all those big tall buildings to provide them with cover; they'd take a tremendous effort to root out."


The two Tango Recon CAVs heavily damaged one of the Cherokee Pumas screening for Chief Carlton, that's when Chief Carlton gave the order for his Redhawk to catch the two light CAVs in a bulls horn coming around the defensive bunker. The Cherokee Redhawk swept from one side of the bunker, Chief Carlton's Samurai from the other, with the assistance of an indirect blast coming from the Cherokee Regent, both light CAVs were destroyed within moments.


"That's it!" snapped Chief Espanosa ecstatically! Though he hated the idea of sending his recon as sacrificial lambs, it was enough to draw out the Cherokee heavies for a clean sweep. Chief Espanosa's Samurai swung around a few rocks he was taking cover behind and traded rounds with the Cherokee Talon.


Meanwhile the Tango Redhawk covering the overrun flank made a mad scramble over a few hills and right in line of sight of Chief Carlton's Samurai. The other Tango Redhawk had crept around and finally revealed himself by taking a few shots at the Cherokee Redhawk by the defensive bunker, while the Tango Regent pressed foreword to finish off the heavily damaged Cherokee Puma.


Chief Carlton's Samurai was quickly destroyed and the Cherokee Redhawk damaged enough so that it was unlikely it would get away before both Tango Redhawks could concentrate fire on it. Chief Espanosa let off a relentless torrent of PBG blasts from his Samurai's MT96A's to keep the Cherokee flank at bay long enough for his assault team to take cover. It didn't take long for Cherokee to read the Tango counter, the last remaining Tango Recon CAV, a Raptor had pulled back, leaving the Cherokee offense with no more targets to engage.


The Tango Redhawks quickly closed on the damaged Cherokee Redhawk, taking him down with a critical shot and pressing foreword into the complex. Chief Espanosa was appalled that the heavily damaged Cherokee Puma, still had enough fight to trade with the Tango Regent, and the other Cherokee Recon CAVs were stirred up like a hornets nest. They made several attack runs on Chief Espanosa's Samurai, barely dazing it, but harassing it with enough fire for him to consider pulling back.


"And time!" everyone heard Principle War Chief Cruz's voice on the intercom. The vid screens went dead and the lights came on.


"Excellent work, people." War Chief Cruz observed the troops stepping out of the training pods, removing their helms and trading comments to each other. Chief Carlton made his way to Chief Espanosa's pod, slowly removing his gloves, and extending his hand for a handshake when he saw him climbing out of his pod. War Chief Cruz approached them with his reports, and smiled. " I'm really impressed with the efforts you two delivered, great tactics, lots of fluidity out there."


"Thank you Sir" they both nodded, traded salutes with War Chief Cruz before he walked back to the training room. Chief Espanosa turned to Chief Carlton, "I believe that I owe you a drink. Those were some really hardcore moves out there, I'm impressed."


Chief Carlton nodded and grinned. "Well, you still won by at least 300 points."


"Heh, screw the points, ain't nobody playing for points on Cassini when we get there; you made us sweat, thats how you gotta be out there. Lots of heart." Both of the tomahawk Chiefs gave each other a high five and walked off to address their troops.

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thanks, they are laser cut wood, (not balsa) and they come from a company called Flying Tricycle models. they do a lot of midievil 28mm stuff, but they happen to have N scale buildings at about 10 bucks a pop.


I'm still working on them, and actually I'm converting them over to a design I had done a while back for Mecha bay's to be built of foam core. I gave the designs to Ghostrider to see if he could work out a resin kit for them. they're probably better off either foamcore, or laser cut wood like these.

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