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Tiny Halfing, affectionately known as "Red'

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very cool, the more i see of the dnd preprimed the more i am liking them only thing that is stopping me from buying them is reapers price point and selection

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I like a lot of the wizkids sculpts, but I hate how hard the mold lines are to remove in the plastic they use.  It just shreds with a file and it doesnt trim well with an exacto.

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More work on this tiny girl.  Her jacket/coaty vest thing is an attempt at purple velvet.  Her socks are now stripey and her sash is awaiting more stripes, they will be green to match her sock stripes.  







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Finally done with "Red" she's slightly shiny cause her dull coat is still setting. 
Cream Shirt- vmc dark sand, RMS's Desert Sand, Linen White, Pure White.
Purple Jacket: RMS's Green Liner, Dusky Grape, Royal Purple Rosy Skin
Greens: RMS's Green Liner, Moth Green, Pale Green
Reddish Skirt: RMS's Dusky Grape, Violet Red, Rosy Skin
Leathers: VMC Flat Brown, RMS's Brown Liner, Rosy Skin
Silvers: (all reaper) Honed Steel, Skeleton Key Filigree Silver.
Golds: Antique Gold, New Gold, vmc's smoke







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    • By Echoside_
      Hey gang, I'm taking a dive into Bust painting, starting with a bust I scored from The Ouroboros Miniatures' Exquis Kickstarter: Adriana.  I'm calling her Mrs. Jones just due to her striking resemblance to Jessica Jones from Marvel Comics; but I digress. 
      Firstly it was mold line and flash removal followed by a bath.

      I figured I would make this a project of several firsts.  I attempted a Z-Priming via rattle cans.  Yes, I know an airbrush is so much smoother, but I haven't the equipment or space for that yet.....yet.  I used the Citadel Chaos Black and the new Seer Grey rattle cans to a decent effect, or so I thought.

      The Seer Grey made her a little grainy.  A very rough texture to work around/on I have found.  Maybe I didn't shake it enough, or maybe it was slightly to humid.  I"m unsure just yet.  
      After this I called her done for the night.  I hope to try to work on her between 30 - 90 minutes a night until complete.  Crossing fingers!!
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      My interpretation of the Xanathar using the WizKids beholder mini. I love the sculpt, but wasn't keen on the eye, so I filled it with green stuff and painted my own on. Now I need to find a scale fishbowl...

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      As my players are going to be floating around the Darklake in the Underdark for the next few sessions, after drawing it the first night, I thought about trying to build it instead.  We use the grid and my players floundered when we tried to do away with it so trying different ways to incorporate it into the build. 
      Playing with wood texture.  My one cut was horrible and it ripped more than it cut. 

      Used chipboard templates to guide the curved cuts. 

      2 different grid options on the front and back.   Like the front but it’s a bit more confusing than just using the “nail holes”.  Will see how the middle goes. 

      Thanks for looking. 
    • By golldan
      The unpainted Pathfinder Red Dragon from WizKids. Thought I would take more time on scales to paint individually, but ended up getting larger brushes and doing some wet and then dry brushing. Wings started out as a purple, but did not like and ended up going over them with Walnut Brown. Then tried to pull in some more of the purple around mouth and in base.
      Used the Greenstuff rollers for the first time on Sculpty to create some broken title look for the base. They work well on Sculpty and it breaks nicely to create broken stone look.

      Comments and Suggestions welcome.

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      Just a quick owlbear I did using the new citadel contrast paints.  Considering it only took about 30 minutes, I thought it came out pretty well.

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