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"Standard" conversions?

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Kamut, I promote CAV. Doesn't mean I can offer my opinion on a specific chassis.


I've never personally agreed with using inferior designs as trainers but then again I've never had to run a national military :o)


As for the game, I've lots of other designs which will do the same job either cheaper or better. And besides, I don't have any Archers :o)

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yeah, thats partially to my slant towards Terrans and equipment they are more likely to use,(I think terrans would use KDM before RMI) but yeah, the Magician may be the better ECM for its cost.


Ideally this scenario is geared towards teaching new players to expand on a chassis and adapt to a situation; I may switch up to a Tiger from time to time, even with 4 Archers, just to get people thinking, cause the two CAVs differ so much.


The Rhino's maxims can be negated, so def fire from the model 7 DFMs is respectable to an Archer. Even when the Rhino or Tiger is at 50 to 75%, they are still somewhat dangerous, your not going to want to charge in there, not with an Archer. So when it does go down, it becomes a race to get to the downed CAV.


theres a little of everything affected in this scenario.

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Heres my final thoughts


Archer (361 points) to play with the Rhino

with 2 Diedre Mk1 (+5/+1 range 40)


and Magician ECM +4


Archer (374 points) to play with Tiger

with 2 MT88 (+6/+1 range 36)


and Magician ECM +4

(Strip the IFM)

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Yeah, you'd lose the stats in DT 1 (first odd track, as per normal rules) and you must pay base cost * 1.5.... and in the case of the normal Gkw14 it's 99 points base :o)


Them's one costly gun :o)

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